Justin Hartley And Wife Sofia Pernas To Guest Star On NBC’s ‘Quantum Leap’

It’s a couple undertaking on Quantum Bounce! Justin Hartley and Sofia Pernas are set to guest star in a looming episode of the NBC reboot, which stars Raymond Lee.

The certifiable couple will appear in episode 4 of the green bean sci-fi show, which is set to air Oct. 10.

The episode, named “A Good Suggestion,” follows Ben (Lee) as he leaps to 1980s Los Angeles and into the assortment of Eva Sandoval, a direct overflow tracker in the midst of getting a precarious goal. As Eva investigates her relationship with darling Jake, Ben has bursts of his own past.

Hartley will play Jake, an overflow tracker who’s united together – – masterfully and eventually – – with Eva, the person into which Ben has bounced. Pernas will portray Tammy Jean, who experienced youth in Texas near the line and is the object of an overflow pursue.

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This means a re-appearance of NBC for Hartley, who wrapped up a six-season run on This Is Us in May.

Quantum Hop gets just about thirty years after Dr. Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula) wandered into the Quantum Hop gas pedal and evaporated, never getting back.

Another gathering, drove by physicist Ben Tune, has been joined to restart that identical endeavor with the mean to sort out the insider facts behind the gas pedal and Beckett.

Clearly, it being sci-fi and all, things take a turn for the unanticipated when Ben takes an unapproved bounce into the past, leaving the gathering to handle the mystery of why he made it happen and endeavor to really bring him home. Hartley and Pernas, who highlighted together on The Energetic and the Touchy, were hitched in Walk 2021 directly following dating for a year.

Quantum Hop airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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