Who Are Jurgen Klopp Family?

The German manager Jurgen is a family man. In his press conferences, he always talks about how his family is the motivating factor for him.

He has been married twice. And from his two marriages, he has been a father to two children. Talking about the previous generation of Klopp’s family, he had to lose his mother due to the pandemic. In an emotional interview, he mentioned his mother and COVID. He advised the public to follow all the necessary protocols.

Jurgen has enjoyed rich success in Liverpool, and his family currently resides in the English city. 

Who Is Marc Klopp? Meet Jurgen Klopp Son

Marc Klopp is popularly known as the son of football manager Jurgen Klopp. He is the son of the German manager and his ex-wife, Sabine. 

The 34-year-old German already has a solid football career. Even though he could not make a big break in Europe, he has played for various German clubs. He entered the II team of his father’s club, Dortmund. 

He never broke into the first team of a big club, despite the impressive start to his career. 

Jurgen Klopp Wife Ulla Sandrock

After his unsuccessful first marriage, the football icon married Ulla Sandrock. Jurgen Klopp was first married in the 1980s, but the marriage did not last due to personal reasons. 

Ulla is a philanthropist. We can constantly see her performing charitable actions, helping the needy. Apart from being a noble human being, Ulla is also a child novelist. People admire her works all around the world. 

How Much Is Jurgen Klopp Worth?

Jurgen Klopp is one of the highest-paid managers in the world. 

And he deserves every bit of money he has earned. After decades of wait, the football manager has brought multiple trophies to Liverpool. 

The German manager is worth around $40 million, according to online sources. He is contracted to the English club Liverpool, enjoying a rich run of form. 

The premier league is full of elite managers. Klopp has picked a head-to-head battle with arguably the best manager of all times, Pep Guardiola.