Julia Aslanli on The Voice Is Just 23, Here Are Some Facts To Know About Her

Julia Aslani is a 23-year-old contestant on “The Voice,” and she joined the team of coach Gwen.

Singer Julia Aslani auditioned for the singing competition show with her stunning performance of “Let’s Stay Together.” She has joined the team, Gwen, for her further journey in The Voice. Gwen was the only coach who turned the chair for her. However, the rest of the judges also loved her.

Camila Cabello expressed that the singer’s voice matches that of Ariana Grande. However, she didn’t choose to turn the chair. The judges claimed it would have been better if Julia had been a bit concerned about her song choice. Most fans also agreed on the point and wished Julia had picked a piece that flattered her voice.

The judges expect Julia and want her to do better during the upcoming battle rounds. A show fan tweeted,” I feel Julia played it safe with the choice of her song; that said.. the right music will shock her audience.”

So, we might see Julia making all the coaches, and her fans impressed with her future performances. Julia is a pre-med student, and she enjoys horse riding and singing. Moreover, during her introduction, she also expressed her young pregnancy.

Quick Facts on Julia Aslani

Full name Julia Aslanli
Age 23 Years Old
Date of birth 1999
Place of birth Florida
Profession Aspiring singer
Instagram @julia.aslanli
Net worth Not Revealed
Marital status Engaged
Children 1 child
Boyfriend Unknown

Julia Aslanli From The Voice Is A Teen Mom

Julia Aslanli, The Voice contestant, is one of the youngest contestants in the reality show.

The young performer is a mom, a pre-med student, and a singer. Aslanli, during her introduction round in the singing reality show, revealed that she is very enthusiastic about singing and horse riding. She also explained how her life changed completely after being pregnant at eighteen.

The singer has struggled to raise a child and continue her studies simultaneously. She juggled between her education and her personal life to a great extent. Furthermore, she also thanked her Fiance for always being supportive of her choices. Her Fiance has been helping her fulfill all of her dreams and passions.

It was Aslanli’s first live performance on the stage. Before her performance on “The Voice,” she had performed only for her family, friends, and relatives. Therefore, the young sister was thrilled to appear on the NBC show. Her vocal was stunning, despite her poor choice of song. Her vocal was able to shine in the show. Gwen must have turned the chair because he saw the potential in her.

Julia Aslanli Age and Hometown

The Voice contestant Julia Aslanli is 23 years old. Aslanli and her fellow contestant Bryce Leatherwood are one year apart.

The singer hails from Orlando, Florida. Julia has also been traveling around the United States all year long.

She has shared her pictures of travel on her official Instagram profile. The young singer seems to enjoy adventures and trips. Aslani has been to New York City, Key West Florida, Miami, and Florida.

She seemed to be enjoying the nightlife and food in Miami. Sharing her picture of the Key West Trip, she captioned it, “I still cannot believe I have been missing out on this pure beauty for 22 years. A yearly Key West trip is now a necessity. ”

Stefani adored the Florida native’s singing tone. At the same time, Camila Cabello regretted later for not turning because she felt that Aslanli sounded like Ariana Grande’s feelings in her performance. The singer was suggested that she needs to do something new and fresh to take on the song she chose or sing it with complete confidence in the building.

Julia Aslanli Is Engaged To Her Boyfriend and Baby Daddy

Julia Aslanli has been engaged to her long-term boyfriend. Her fiance was with her backstage during her blind audition.

Although we couldn’t see her introducing her fiance to the judges and the audience, he was backstage rooting for her.

Moreover, when asked about the song choice, Aslanli shared that she thought the song was about love, and as she had just been engaged, she wanted to incorporate the feelings of love into her performance.

Julia met her fiance during high school. Moreover, she became pregnant before turning 20. Despite that, Julia was able to go to college, and currently, she sings for fun and wants to give music a shot. She has a slinky sound that is a bit raw. However, with the right mentor on hand, she can scale up her performance higher.

Julia Aslanli Instagram

Julia Aslanli is available on Instagram under the username @julia.aslanli, and she has 1,481 followers.

Aslanli has 13 posts on her official Instagram handle altogether. Her recent engagement in social media seems very impressive. We can see her posting stories and reminding people to watch her performance in the show. In addition, she has requested her followers to stay updated because she will be sharing about The Voice journey very soon.

As mentioned in The Voice, Julia seems to have a lovely connection with horses. She has shared a video of her riding a horse, which looks magical. Pictures of Aslanli on Instagram look aesthetic and classy. She looks fantastic and radiant in all of her posts.

The singer has not posted anything about her family and her fiance. Most of her posts are photoshoots in collaboration with different photographers.

Some FAQs

How old is Julia Aslanli on the voice?

Julia Aslanli, The Voice contestant is 23 years old

Where is Julia Aslanli from?

Julia Aslanli is from Orlando, Florida

Who did Julia Aslani join in the voice?

Julia Aslanli joined team Gwen in The Voice Season 22