Juanita Castro cause of death: What happened to Juanita Castro?

Cuban-American activist and writer Juanita Castro passed away from natural causes on December 4, 2023. She was aged 90.

Who Was Juanita Castro?

Juanita Castro was a pivotal figure in the Cuban Revolution. Beyond being the sister of Fidel and Raúl Castro, former presidents of Cuba, and Ramón, Juanita carved her own path as a Cuban-American activist and writer.

Juanita’s involvement in the Cuban revolution was profound. In the midst of the struggle against Batista’s regime, she actively supported the 26th of July movement by acquiring weapons.

In 1958, she ventured to the United States, seeking to garner financial support for the insurgent movement.

The triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959 marked a turning point, but for Juanita, it also sowed seeds of disillusionment. As the Cuban government increasingly embraced communism, Juanita felt betrayed, witnessing a divergence from the ideals she had fought for.

This ideological rift led her to distance herself from the political landscape in Cuba, eventually seeking refuge in the United States.

In a surprising twist, Juanita collaborated with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in 1964, reflecting the complexity of her relationship with the Cuban government. Her decision to work with the CIA highlighted the depth of her discontent with the direction Cuba was taking under communist influence.

Following her collaboration with the CIA, Juanita chose to live in the United States, where she would spend the remainder of her life.

Her exile mirrored the stories of many Cubans who sought refuge abroad, grappling with the complexities of political ideologies and personal allegiances.

Despite physical distance, Juanita continued to be a witness to the evolving landscape of Cuba from afar.

Juanita passed away on December 4, 2023, at the age of 90, succumbing to natural causes at a hospital in Miami, Florida.