JT Chargois Salary, Net Worth, Team, Nationality, Contract, Parents, Trade, Instagram, Pronunciation

JT Chargois, known officially as Jon Thomas Chargois, is an American professional baseball pitcher who plies his trade in the Major League Baseball for the Tampa Bay Rays. JT Chargois played college baseball for the Rice Owls of Rice University.

JT Chargois previously played for Minnesota Twins, Los Angeles Dodgers, Seattle Mariners, and the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles.

JT Chargois Salary

How much does JT Chargois earn? JT Chargois earns an average annual salary of $570,500.

JT Chargois Net Worth

How much is JT Chargois worth? The estimated net worth of JT Chargois is $3 million.

JT Chargois Contract

JT Chargois is tied with a contract with the Tampa Bay Rays since July 2021 and he earns an average annual salary of $570,500.

JT Chargois Team

JT Chargois plays for the Tampa Bay Rays.

JT Chargois Nationality

JT Chargois is an American.

JT Chargois Instagram

There is no Instagram profile known to be owned by JT Chargois.

JT Chargois Trade

JT Chargois was traded by the Seattle Mariners in addition to Austin Shenton to the Tampa Bay Rays in exchange for Diego Castillo.

JT Chargois Pronunciation

The Pronunciation of Chargois is {shar-gwah}.

JT Chargois Parents

JT Chargois was born to Von and Rhonda Chargois.