Josh Duhamel Says He Went to the Emergency Room an Hour Before His Wedding: It ‘Was a Close Call’

Josh Duhamel’s training dinner trickeries almost turned out to be a real issue on his big day.

The 49-year-old performer got it done with Audra Mari in North Dakota as of late, but approached not making it down the way.

The performer chatted with ET’s Cassie DiLaura lately – – while propelling his approaching film Ban, which hits theaters Sept. 23 – – and he zeroed in on how he threw his back out hours before he was set to walk around the path.

“That was a close to disaster. I got up the morning of the wedding and I couldn’t get up,” he figured out. “An hour preceding the wedding, I went straightforwardly from the emergency room to the gathering to get my suit put on.” Exactly when asked how he upheld the injury, Duhamel joked, “considering the way that I’m a blockhead!”

As demonstrated by the performer, he was celebrating on a party transport they’d enrolled to drive them around after the training dinner. At one point, he endeavored to lift himself up by two shafts on the vehicle “like a gymnastic expert or some likeness thereof,” and that turned out to be a serious mistake.

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The performer also appeared on The Late Show With James Corden on Tuesday, and inspected his close to catastrophe only preceding exchanging guarantees.

“So I accept I will hang from the rafters inside this party transport and start swarm riding on it, and I throw my back out,” Duhamel shared.

“I expected I was fine, I get up the next morning and I from a genuine perspective can’t get up.” Seeing what’s going on was “delicate” until he walked around the way, the Mandatory Wedding star uncovered he expected to make an excursion to the emergency room for a steroid shot.

“The one day you should have the choice to walk is down that path,” he got a handle on. “It was delicate until an hour preceding the wedding. I went to the ER, had chance up, and I was fine the whole night and a short time later I got up the next morning and I couldn’t get up.”

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It has all the earmarks of being that the party transport disaster didn’t stop Duhamel and his new woman from making some waves in and out of town on their big day. They were spotted at the close by bar, Duffy’s Bar, in their full wedding clothing right after making it happen.

An eyewitness told ET, “Josh Duhamel stopped in to Duffy’s Bar in Fargo, North Dakota, with Audra Mari and a party transport of people at around 4:30 p.m. Someone called the bar before their appearance saying there was a party transport going with 30 people and they would like 30 shots of Wear Julio Blanco tequila.”