Jose Stemkens – Bio, Kids and Other Facts About Titus Welliver’s Wife

A fashion enthusiast, Jose Stemkens is not just a celebrity spouse renowned for her partner’s fame but also a woman with an impressive résumé. A fashion model turned consultant, she is an entrepreneur who owns the company, Sunrise Fashion Consulting. Find out lesser-known facts about famous actor Titus Welliver’s blonde wife.

Jose Stemkens – Bio

Jose Stemkens is a European born in Africa on December 29th, 1987. Though her birthplace is Tembisa, South Africa, she was raised in Holland. There is a dearth of information about Jose’s parents, family, and educational background. The closest clue the media has gotten about her family is that she has a brother and sister who attended her wedding alongside their mother. Other than these, the identities of her family members have not been made public knowledge.

Career Success

A fashion enthusiast, Stemkens’ career dates back to her days as a student. While schooling, she worked at Mata Hari Multi Chain Store based in Holland. She first worked at the wholesale fashion house as a sales clerk and gradually rose through the ranks to assistant manager and then store manager. That marked the beginning of several other stints Jose had with many European fashion companies.

Jose’s talents could hardly go unnoticed and in 1995, she joined Espirit which specializes in casual wears. Stemkens had a 10-year-long stint with the international fashion brand where she was at the helm of affairs at their Hong Kong branch. Her next job was as an account manager for the clothing line The Great China Wall, another international fashion brand renowned for its top quality casual wears.

In 2009, Jose joined a Dutch company as its president where she helped build the Dept and JC RAGS brand including its expansion into the U.S for four years. Next, she served as the vice president of a fashion store House of Quirky, a brand renowned for its affordable high fashion prices. Between 2013 and 2014, she served as the company’s vice president and helped with its expansion across the country before retiring to become a consultant.

Armed with talent and vast experiences, Jose Stemkens relocated to the U.S and launched her own company, Sunrise Fashion Consulting. The Los Angeles-based company boasts of successfully marketing products, building brands, as well as opening stores for fashion brands. Having established a longterm partnership with large departmental stores around the country, Sunrise Fashion Consulting works in collaboration with other companies such as Cocurata, Lui Jo, Superfine, and Freddy in its global outreach.

Her Husband and Kids

It is no news that Jose Stemkens is happily married to American actor Titus Welliver. It is uncertain when and how their love journey began but we do know that the couple’s romance began after Stemkens relocated to California. The lovebirds thrilled fans and critics alike when they walked down the aisle on April 12, 2014, in Calabasas, California. Their union has not produced any kids yet, but Jose is a stepmother to three children – two sons Eamonn and Quinn and a daughter Cora McBride all from her husband’s previous relationships.

While the marriage is Jose’s first, the same can’t be said of her actor husband who has previously married thrice. Welliver’s ex-wives are Heather Wielandt, actress Joanna Heimbold (Eamonn and Quinn’s mother) and the late producer Elizabeth W. Alexander (Cora’s mother) who died in 2012.

So far, Jose and Titus have been going strong and are presumed to be a perfect match. After exchanging vows with the former model, actor Welliver described their wedding as ‘a most glorious and magical day’. If his words are anything to go by, then it is safe to say that the couple has finally settled in together forever.

Jose Stemkens’ actor husband Titus Welliver is famed for his role as prosecutor Glenn Childs on the series The Good Wife. His other screen credits are the ABC drama Man in Black, the hit TV series Lost, as well as Argo.

Other Facts About Titus Welliver’s Wife

  • Height

The blonde-haired fashion mogul stands at an average height of 5 feet 6 inches.

  • Net Worth

Titus Welliver’s wife Jose Stemkens has been in the fashion industry for a long time and has established herself as a household name. While the fashion mogul’s exact earnings and net worth have not been made public knowledge, she is believed to have amassed a sizeable fortune over the years.

  • Social Media

Jose Stemkens does not have an active social media life. Our investigations reveal that she is absent on popular platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.