Jonathan Dunn Delta Airlines Pilot Obituary And Death News: What Happened To Him?

Jonathan Dunn Delta Airlines has gone viral on the web. If you want to know everything about his death news, read this whole article.

Jonathan Dunn is a former Delta co-pilot who has become a hot topic on the web after being accused of allegedly threatening to shoot the plane captain if he diverted the plane for a passenger who needed a medical emergency. 

The shocking incident happened on August 22, 2022. He was recently charged, and the news has gone viral on the web. It has been said that Dunn was authorized to carry a gun.

Furthermore, Dunn has been charged with one count of interference with a flight crew. Apart from that, another rumor related to Jonathan has gone viral on the web, which is related to his death.

So, collecting everything from the available sources, the details related to Jonathan have been covered in this writing.

Jonathan Dunn Delta Airlines Pilot Obituary Explored

Jonathan Dunn Delta Airlines obituary has been searched by many people on the web. However, there is no truth about it, and the news has not been shared with the media either.

Considering everything accessible in the media sources, it can be said that Dunn is still alive, and the news related to his demise is fake.

Apart from that, none of the verified media sources has given the details related to Dunn’s obituary. Despite that, many online users are searching for Dunn’s obituary.

As people’s concern has been raised heavily, the fact related to this topic will be updated in the future.

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Jonathan Dunn Death News Goes Viral

Jonathan Dunn death news has gone viral on the internet, and everyone has been searching for the fact. As said earlier, Dunn is still alive, and the rumors of his death have left many people confused.

Apart from that, netizens may have gotten confused with other news as online sources have given news related to the death of other people with the same name.

Multiple obituary-sharing sites have shared the news of Dunn’s demise, but he is not the pilot. From this, it can be confirmed that Dunn is alive, but he is making headlines due to another reason.

More details related to Dunn’s current case have been covered below.

What Happened To Jonathan Dunn? Case Update

Jonathan Dunn is making rounds on the web after he was charged with one count of interference with a flight crew. The case has dragged everyone’s eyes.

He was accused of threatening to shoot the captain of a commercial flight in 2022 if he diverted the plane because a passenger on board may have been suffering a medical emergency.

According to court documents, a Utah grand jury indicted Dunn on one count of interference with a flight crew. At that time, Dunn was working for Delta as a Delta first officer.

Reportedly, Jonathan had a disagreement with the captain, who wanted to divert the flight due to a passenger medical event. 

Dunn then allegedly told the captain they would be shot numerous times if the flight was diverted. Furthermore, Jonathan is scheduled to be arraigned on November 16, 2023.

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