Jonas Bloquet Height Compared To Other Cast Members Of 1899

Jonas Bloquet has impressed many fans with his style, fashion, and looks. He is a young, tall, and handsome actor of 1.9 meters in height.

As his new series, 1899, releases on November 17, 2022, viewers have become fans of his new look. He plays the role of the young groom, Lucien, who is on his honeymoon with his new and distant wife, Clemence.

How Tall Is Jonas Bloquet?

Jonas Bloquet is 6 ft 2 inches tall. He maintains a fit and slim body with blonde hair and blue eyes, which has also earned him many female fans. The actor is stylish, as seen in the pictures he shares on his social media account.

The hot guy who usually keeps a slight beard looks entirely different in the upcoming series, 1899. He plays Lucien in the movie, and his appearance gives off the vibe of that time when a clean-shaven look with a mustache was in fashion.

Likewise, fans also loved him when he was cast as Frenchie in The Nun. He mentioned this in an interview about his character. He played the role of a very physical and strong guy. In addition, he seems like a funny French guy who could not say No to a pretty face.

The guy who was scared to watch horror movies to the point that he made his mother walk out of the film hall between the movie when she took him to watch The Mummy when he was 11 years old. But, as he grew older, he loved watching the horror genre.

Jonas Bloquet Is At Age 30

Jonas Bloquet, age 30, is a director and actor. He was born on July 10, 1992, and grew up in Brussels, Belgium.

He is a Belgian actor and director in Paris, as mentioned in his IG bio. He was in high school when he learned that he had a passion for acting and then got himself enrolled in a reputed there for advanced acting classes.

According to Starktimes, he also graduated with a bachelor’s degree in arts and theatre from a prestigious university. It has almost been a decade that he has been in the industry. His credits include Private Lessons, Elle, City of Thousands Planet, Orphan, Alone At My Wedding, The Nun, and 3 Days to Kill.

The actor has also received several nominations for his role in movies like Private Lessons and Elle. He earned a Magritte Award nomination for Most Promising Actor for Private Lessons and a César Award for Most Promising Actor for Elle.

He has directed short films like Conte sur moi, Max, and Je suis un troc. However, his IG bio also mentions that focusing on his career as an actor is the first and most important priority.