Jon Rappoport Wikipedia: American Journalist Wife And Family

Searching for Jon Rappoport on Wikipedia? At the age of the early eighties, he has had tremendous fame in conspiracy journalism. Let’s find out about his age, wife, and family.

Jon Rappoport is an American journalist. He has spent more than 30 years of his life as an investigative reporter. During this, he has published several articles on a wide variety of niches.

He worked for several publications and companies throughout the years, including No More Fake News, ABC’s Nightline, and more.

Does Jon Rappoport have a Wikipedia Page?

Jon Rappoport does not have a Wikipedia page.

Jon received education from Amherst College. He joined in 2000 has been since working as a key inquiring reporter for the media.

Politics, health, and culture are some genres in which Jon has written articles so far. He has served for several popular magazines like LA Weekly, Soin Magazine, Nexus, etc.

In addition to this, Jon has featured in more than a couple of hundreds of radio and TV programs. ABC’s Nightline and Tony Brown’s Journal are some notable ones among them.

Notably, Jon has also run for a US Congress seat. However, due to his poor election budget, he could not receive the win he desired.

Jon Rappoport Age

Jon Rappoport’s age is 83 years as of 2021.

Jon was born on the 16th of April 1938. He presents an equal if not more enthusiasm in his works at this age too.

For the last 30 years, Jon has mainly engaged himself in research about politics, conspiracies, mind control, alternative health, and similar interesting fields.

Who is Jon Rappoport Married To? His Wife and Family

Rappoport’s wife is Laura Thompson.

Laura died in 2019 at the age of 67. 

Jon published a short letter to his wife in NoMoreFakeNews’ blog after her decease. He expressed his grief at having to lose his wife.

The couple had a long time together. However, no information is available about the lovebird’s kids.

Is Jon Rappoport on Twitter?

Rappoport uses Twitter as his social media handle.

He joined the platform in 2010 with the name @jonrappoport. He has earned over 54 thousand followers in his Twitter account so far.