John McCook Second Wife: Who is Juliet Prowse?

John Thomas McCook, the accomplished American actor known for his iconic roles in soap operas, has a romantic history that includes a significant chapter with his second wife, Juliet Prowse.

Their marriage, spanning from 1972 to 1979, was marked by love, family, and the joy of welcoming their son, Seth, into the world in August 1972.

Juliet Anne Prowse, a British-American dancer and actress, brought her own charm and talent to the union. With a career that spanned four decades, Prowse excelled on stage, television, and film.

Born in Bombay, British India, and raised in South Africa after her family emigrated post-World War II, Prowse’s cultural background added a unique dimension to her persona.

Known for her captivating legs, Juliet Prowse’s beauty was often likened to Hollywood icon Betty Grable, earning her the reputation of having “arguably the best legs since Betty Grable.” Her remarkable career included notable performances on Broadway and collaborations with legendary figures like Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.

Tragically, in 1994, Prowse was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Although she went into remission in 1995 and even toured with Mickey Rooney in Sugar Babies, the cancer eventually returned. Juliet Prowse passed away on September 14, 1996, just shy of her 60th birthday. Her legacy endures through her contributions to the world of entertainment and her impact on those who admired her.