Joe Mixon Weight Loss Before And After: Health And Surgery Update

Joe Mixon’s impressive weight loss has made him more agile on the field, and his dedication to his fitness regime is evident in his before and after photos.

Joe Mixon, the star running back for the Cincinnati Bengals, has been making headlines recently due to his health and legal issues. 

Mixon underwent knee surgery and is expected to miss 2-4 weeks of the offseason program, and sheriff’s deputies entered his home after a report of shots fired. 

Additionally, Mixon made headlines in the past for his significant weight loss, and his transformation has been revealed.

While the arrest incident at his home is concerning, there is no evidence to suggest that Mixon was involved, and he remains a valuable player for the Bengals organization. 

Joe Mixon Weight Loss Before And After Transformation

Joe Mixon has had a remarkable weight loss transformation in terms of his physical health. 

In 2017, he was listed at 226 pounds, but according to reports, he has since lost around 20-25 pounds, which has made him more agile on the field. Photos of Mixon before and after his weight loss have been circulating online, showing the dramatic difference in his appearance. 

The running back’s hard work and dedication to his fitness regime is evident in the before and after images, with fans praising him for his commitment to his health.

Joe Mixon has faced several challenges in recent months regarding his health and personal life. However, the running back has proven himself resilient, bouncing back from injury and working hard to maintain his physical fitness. 

Joe Mixon Health And Surgery Update

Recently, Joe Mixon underwent knee surgery that will see him miss 2-4 weeks of the offseason program.

The surgery was necessary after Mixon played through knee pain during the 2022 NFL season. Despite the discomfort, he had a solid season with 1,067 rushing yards and six touchdowns in 16 games.

The Bengals organization expects Mixon to make a full recovery and be ready for the start of the 2023 NFL season. Mixon has been optimistic about his rehabilitation process, taking to social media to update fans on his progress.

Fans will eagerly watch his progress as he recovers from his knee surgery and prepares for the upcoming season.

Has Joe Mixon Been Arrested?

In March 2023, sheriff’s deputies entered Joe Mixon’s home following a report of shots fired. However, no arrests were made, and it is unclear who fired the shots or why.

Mixon was not at home at the time of the incident and has not been implicated in any way. The Bengals organization released a statement following the incident, stating that they were aware of the situation and had been in contact with Mixon.

They also emphasized that they would cooperate fully with law enforcement if necessary. Despite the incident, Joe Mixon remains an integral part of the Bengals team, and the organization has supported him during this difficult time.

Bengals fans hope that Mixon will continue to focus on his recovery and preparation for the upcoming season, which will surely be exciting for the team.