Joan Armatrading Net Worth: How The Singer Makes And Spends Her Money

Joan Armatrading Net Worth: Joan Armatrading is an English singer who has an estimated net worth of around $215 Million.

A three-time Grammy-nominated singer is in the music industry for over five decades and has released 20 studio albums in her musical career.

She is the type of artist who has always been true to herself. Armatrading has never experimented with current trends and different genres.

She is the first British female singer-songwriter to achieve international success. In 2001, she was honored with an MBE from the Queen of England and received a CBE in 2020. Joan is the first female British artist to debut at No.1 on the Billboard Blues chart in 2007 and was also the first female UK artist ever to be nominated for a Grammy in the blues category.

Armatrading has received many accolades, including three Grammy nominations, two Brit nominations, the coveted Ivor Novello Award for Outstanding Contemporary Song Collection, and the BASCA Gold Badge Award in 2012. Joan was honored in 2012 with the British Folk Festival Award, the MMF Artist’s Artist Award, and the Folk Award for Lifetime Achievement by Radio 2.

She has distinctive vocals and impeccable musicianship as she has also played nearly every instrument in some of her albums, leading to consistent critical acclaim. Jazz, soul, and sophisticated pop have all been incorporated into her music, all driven by her passionate guitar skills.

Quick Facts

Net Worth $215 Million
Date of Birth December 9, 1950
Birth Place Basseterre on the Caribbean island of Saint Kitts
Age 71
Father Amos Ezekiel Armatrading
Mother Beryl Madge Benjamin
Siblings 5
Profession Singer-songwriter
Partner Maggie Butler

Joan Armatrading Net Worth

Per en. mediamass, Joan Armatrading has an estimated net worth of $215 million.

This is a huge estimation of her net worth value and only Media Mass has reported this data. Other sites like Idolnetworth have mentioned her worth as around $15 Million. On the other hand, Allfmousbirthdays and networthpost state it to be around$1.5 Million. Hence, it is not verified what her exact net worth amount is. No official source has confirmed this value.

But, it can be said for sure that she makes a substantial amount of money from her singing career.

Her earnings are not just from her singing career but also from the smart investment in stocks and substantial property holdings, along with many endorsement deals.

She is among the highest-paid singer in the world. Before starting her musical career, she worked at Rabone Chesterman, an engineering tool manufacturing company, but she lost her job as she took guitar at the office and played during tea breaks.

Her Top Selling Albums Are a Major Source Of Income

Armatrading has thirteen top-selling albums. Her album “Very Best of Joan Armatrading” sold 200,000 copies, followed by “Walk Under Ladder” with 182,500 sales, and “Joan Armatrading” with 165,000 sales.

“Me Myself I” with 157,500 sales, “Show Some Emotions” with 150,000 sales, “The Key” with 107,500 sales, “The Shouting Stage,” “Love and Affection,”  “Sleight of Hand,” and “Secrets Secrets” with 60,000 sales, and “How Cruel” with 50,000 sales.

Joan’s Income From Her Online Store

The online store consists of chord charts, high-quality WAV files share charts, high-quality WAV files, animated stories, and MP3 files, which have downloadable files except for clothing.

The individual chord charts cost £2.39, while album chord charts cost £7. The children’s animation story costs £5.55. The WAV files cost £12.99; the MP3 files cost £6.71, and the clothing for £19.99.

She Spends On Her Guitars

Armatrading is fond of her guitars; she got her first guitar for £3 from a pawn shop with a gift from her mother.

She plays both twelve and six strings acoustic guitars and electric guitars. Ovations are her favorite as it is a powerful-sounding guitar. She has played Fender Stratocaster, Gibson electric guitars, and customized Tom Anderson guitars.

She Spends on Charities

Armatrading was appointed as a Trustee for The Princes Trust; she has been a loyal supporter and ambassador of the Trust for 40 years. She has supported the foundation in several ways, including mentoring young people.

Armatrading supports the non-profit organization CAMFED; the organization helps to provide education to the kids and eradicate poverty in Africa. They develop the kids from their primary schooling to adulthood.

Joan Armatrading Has Been Married To Her Partner For 11 years

Joan Armatrading and her partner Maggie Butler exchanged their vows in a civil partnership in 2011.

The pair had known each other before eloped as Butler had helped design the artwork for Armatrading’s album Steppin’ Out in 1979.

It is known that Butler is a visual artist like her partner she doesn’t like to keep her personal life in public.

During her interview with Independent, she told the magazine that she didn’t talk about her personal life and was careful not to spill the beans related to her partner and her personal life.

She even joked, saying only two people have her mobile phone number as she barely uses her mobile. When asked about the opening lines from her hit song Love & Affection from 1976, she stated that she hadn’t tried to persuade anyone. It was the other way around.

Previously she was romantically linked with BBC presenter Valerie Singleton, but during an interview, Singleton denied the claims stating it was false; other than that, Armatrading hadn’t been linked with anyone.

Joan Armatrading’s Family Moved To England When She Was Young

Armatrading was born on December 9, 1970, to her father, Amos Ezekiel Armatrading, and her mother, Beryl Madge Benjamin, in Basseterre on the Caribbean island of Saint Kitts. Her mother and father were housewife and a carpenter, respectively.

Armatrading grew up with her five siblings; she is the third child out of six. When she was just three, her parents immigrated to Birmingham, England, with their two elder sons, while Joan went to live with her grandmother in Antigua.

When she was seven, she moved to her parents in Brookfields, a slum district of Birmingham. She and her family had suffered financially while growing up.

Her father performed in a band in his youth and had forbidden his children to touch his guitar. But Armatrading, being interested in music, started writing songs when she was 14.

Her mother purchased her £3 guitar from a pawn shop, and she started teaching herself the guitar.

Armatrading’s younger brother Tony Armatrading was an actor who passed away battling cancer in 2021. He acted in the movies such as The Saint and Notting Hill.

Acting Career of Her Brother Tony Armatrading

Tony was born on November 30, 1961, in Birmingham. He started his career at 17 as a member of the Birmingham Repertory Theatre stage crew, becoming Head Flyman.

Later he joined the stage crew at the National Theatre’s Lyttelton auditorium. He began touring the UK as Jelly Roll Morton before performing several roles with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Tony was also in several tv shows like Brookside, The Bill, Grange Hill, and A Touch Of Frost. He has voiced Xalek, a Star Wars character for several video games.

Does Joan Armatrading Have Children?

Armatrading and her partner don’t have children together. But Armatrading shares cute moments and videos of children with their parents or their silliness on her social media.

Recently she posted a video of a father and son having a cute conversation. At the same time, she captioned the video, ” You can’t beat a good conversation,” and a video of a child painting while dancing, and the paint is smeared on his face.

Joan Armatrading’s Biggest Hits

Armatrading made her debut in 1972 with her debut album “Whatever’s For Us” with Cube Records. She released her latest album, “Consequences,” in 2021 as the album consisted of ten songs “Natural Rhythm,” “Already There,” “To Be Loved,” “Better Life,” “Glorious Madness,” “Like,” “Consequences,” “Sunrise,” “Think About Me” and “To Anyone Who Will Listen.”

During her five decades of musical career, her several songs have become the biggest hits over time.

Love And Affection

“Love and Affection” was her fourth single, but the single was her first chart success. In November 1976, the song reached No.10 on the UK singles Charts. The song is personal to Armatrading.

Love and Affection was among the most challenging songs in terms of writing. In this song, artists such as Jerry Donahue and Dave Mattacks from the band Fairport Convention and produced by Glyn Johns.

Down To Zero

The song is from her album “Joan Armatrading,” which was released in 1976.

This song is about a woman whose self-assurance is abruptly destroyed when her husband leaves her for another woman. Joan wrote the song after speaking with two women. While talking to them, the women didn’t know why their husbands left, and they couldn’t understand why their partners were not overwhelmed by their beauty, so Joan decided to write a song regarding the matter.

Me Myself I

The song is the first single from the album of the same name; it reached No.21 on UK Singles Chart. In this song, she celebrates her solitude; according to Joan, the song is about her being comfortable on her own, and sometimes it is empowering to be on her own.

She also stated that many people have problems being on their own, but once in a while, they should try to be themselves.