Jason Harvey

Facts of Jason Harvey

Full Name Jason Harvey
First Name Jason
Last Name Harvey
Father Name Steve Harvey
Father Profession Comedian
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Amanda Harvey
No Of Children 3
Date of Birth 1991

Jason Harvey is the adopted son of Steve Harvey when he married Marjorie

Steve’s real name is BroderickStephen Harvey was recognized as a television presenter, comedian, broadcaster, actor, author, game show host, and businessman.

Is Jason Harvey married?

Yes, Jason is a married man. He had decided to spend his whole life with a lady named Amanda Harvey

By profession, she is a model. Talking about Jason himself, he has found the footwear company called “Yevrah” basically is the luxury women’s wear whose materials are all subcontracted from the country Brazil.

Well, the pair is the parents of three kids starring Rose, Noah, and Ezra. Moreover, Rose is the elder one, Noah is the middle child, and Ezra is the younger among the three. 

The two kids born first were in an Instagram limelight when their video of praying was viral. 

Is Jason’s father Steve a divorcé?

As Jason‘s father, Steve had a huge fan following. The man had played various roles in this industry. But have you known, Steve is also divorced. 

Not once but twice, he had faced this phase. The first divorce is with Marcia Harvey. Their marriage lasted from 1980 to 1994.

The cause for their separation is still not known as after their split up; the lady information is not known. 

Then, the man tied the knot with Mary Lee Harvey in 1996. The lady used to be a makeup artist at that time. 

But the relationship of theirs didn’t last for much, and they parted their ways in 2005.

Get to know about Jason’s wife, Amanda Harvey

Amanda is Steve‘s daughter-in-law, but individually she is considered as a successful model that grew up in the U.S. Yes, she had started her career from her teenage period, which led her to earn popularity today. 

Amanda was declared as a winner in a pageant. After the title earned in her name, she got offers from various brands, which was the turning point of her modeling career. 

Moreover, the lady has made appearances in several covers starring Vogue Brazil, Vogue Japan adding the runway for Leonard Paris, Dolce & Gabbana, Elie Sab, and many more. 

A story before Steve and Marjorie wedding

Let us take a sneak peek at the moment of their lives before they took the vows. At the time, Steve was a part of a comedy club in Memphis

They first met in the show where he was performing. 

Like in the movies, while Marjorie showed up in the show, the man stared at her and stated in public; that he is going to marry that lady despite not knowing her. 

But Steve was a husband to another woman at that time. After a gap, they were destined to meet again in 2005

At that moment, he was a divorced. Later on the date, the pair began dating and was into the relationship for nearly two years. 

Finally, in 2007 they hosted their wedding event.

Unknown facts about Steve Harvey

Everyone has heard about the professional career Steve Harvey has been into. But who is he, and where did he come from? 

Well, he was born to parents who were coal miners and school teachers. Later on, he, along with his whole family, settled on a farm located in Cleveland, Ohio.

His family wasn’t wealthy and had survived on a little income that bought their meal. Moreover, the family member of thirteen shared the same bathroom. 

When he turned wealthy, Steve stated that he had inserted a bathroom into every room so that there will be no waiting game again. 

Net worth

As Jason owns a business, it isn’t easy to track his actual income. But his father income is in large figure, and he has a net worth of $200 million.


  • He is 30 years old.