Jamie Kermond Banned From Olympics For Failing Drugs Test- Meet His Wife And Family

Who is Jamie Kermond? Australian showjumper Jamie Kermond has been suspended after he tested positive for cocaine. 

Jamie Kermond is precisely known to be an Australian showjumper.

He was set to make his Olympics debut in the Tokyo Olympics but has been suspended following the positive result in his drug test.

With just 2 days away from the Olympics, Kermond’s positive result has made the Australian Equestrian committee and his fans and family upset.

The news of the positive result hit his ears just the hours before he was leaving for Tokyo Olympics.

Meanwhile, his horse Napa has already landed in Japan.

Following the news, Kermond has apologized to his well-wishers and reveals he take full responsibility for the result.

Jamie Kermond Failed Drug Test: Is He Banned From Olympics?

Jamie Kermond failed the drug test conducted by Sports Integrity Australia on June 26, 2021.

He tested positive for cocaine and has been suspended for competing in the Tokyo Olympics.

Kermond’s dream to make his Olympic debut has shattered after being suspended, and his suspension is referred to be the blow to the Australian Olympic Committee.

The Victoria native was an Australian National Champion in 2016 and 2017, and he was expected to show his world-class talent alongside Edwina Tops-Alexander and Katie Laurie.

Now the 36-year-old showjumper is provisionally suspended by Equestrian Australia under the Australian National Anti-Doping Policy 2021.

Meanwhile, Jamie has stated that the positive result was from a single recreational use during a social event that has zero connection with the sport.

Currently ranked 1013th in the Federation Equestre International Ranking, he hopes to be forgiven one day for his mistakes.

Who Is Jamie Kermond Wife Jamie Winning?

Jamie Kermond’s wife Jamie Winning is also an Australian showjumper, just like her fellow husband.

Winning is a professional horse rider and has ridden 11 horses in her 15-year long career.

However, she started her career as a showjumper in 2004 riding B.k. BlackJack.

Winning was last seen riding Tulara Windstorm on September 29, 2019.

Currently standing at the position of 1,498, she was in her prime in 2014 when she had a career-best ranking of 985.

Further, she named the New South Wales Young rider in 2009 and the Young Australian Rider of the year 2012.

Jamie Kermond Family And Net Worth

Jamie Kermond lives with his family in the Hawkesbury region of Sydney.

He lives with his beautiful wife Jamie Winning and their son Hudson.

Regarding the parents of the couple, both of them have not provided the details to the media.

Further, his net worth is not calculated to date.

But he was won several championships and has been in the business for nearly 2 decades, so he is expected to collect a handsome amount.