Jahm Najafi Net Worth In 2022: Is He a Billionaire?

Jahm Najafi has a net worth of $3.5 billion, so yes, he is a billionaire.

The above estimation is according to the PADDOCK MAGAZINE. An Iranian-American billionaire, Jahm is a notable businessman who operates Najafi Companies quite brilliantly. The company is famous worldwide which is a Phoenix-based private-equity firm.

Regarding his educational qualifications, he holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of California, Berkeley. After finishing his bachelor’s degree, he joined Harvard University, earning a master’s degree in business economics in 1986.

Previously, he served for Salomon Brothers, a Wall Street firm that became part of Citigroup, and is currently famed as a partial owner of the Phoenix Suns NBA team.

Let’s get to know more about the entrepreneur from these facts below:

Quick Facts:

Name Jahm Najafi
Net Worth $3.5 billion
Birth year 1963
Age 59 years old
Spouse Cheryl Najafi
Children 3
Education University of California, Berkeley Harvard University
Occupation Investor

Jahm Najafi Net Worth In 2022: Is He a Billionaire?

Yes, Jahm Najafi is a billionaire with a net worth of over $3.5 billion.

Jahm is the Chief Executive of the Najafi Companies, a Phoenix-based private-equity firm; he is an investor by profession. Also, he is the vice chairman of the Phoenix Suns NBA team.

During the beginning of his career, he worked for Salomon Brothers. From a young age, he was affectionate towards business and management, so he started working as CEO of Pivotal Private Equity.

With his brother, Francis Najafi, he also ran the parent company, The Pivotal Group as a partner and COO. His company specialized in purchasing commercial properties, including, The Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles.

Throughout these years, he worked for several companies serving in various positions. One of them was Phoenix Symphony and Phoenix Metropolitan Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, where he worked on the board of directors.

After joining Najafi Companies, his fame rose into prominence quickly. The company was founded in 2002. Being the head of the company, he invests only his own capital.

Najafi overcame several difficulties and challenges in reaching this position. When he came to the US from Iran, he did not speak English. But his humble behavior and positive attitude aid in his accomplished career.

Furthermore, In December 2020, McLaren Racing announced him as the next vice-chairman of the company.

About His Age and Early Life

Jahm Najafi is currently running at 59, as his birth year fell in 1963.

Even though Jahm keeps his personal details behind the curtains, he appears as a decent and well-mannered personality. He holds Iranian-American Nationality. He came from Iran to the United States in search of better opportunities in his career.

He keeps a low profile regarding his family; however, it looks like he came from a well-educated environment. He was the partner and COO of the parent company, The Pivotal Group, which he operated with his brother, Francis Najafi.

The company mainly concentrated on the purchase of commercial properties. The properties bought by the brothers were the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, Alameda, California-based Harbor Bay, and 650 California Street in San Francisco.

More On His Wife and Family

Jahm Najafi exchanged wedding vows with beautiful Cheryl Najafi.

Cheryl is a Local author and businesswoman who spent her childhood in a small town in Missouri. She thought everyone was the same as her during her childhood, and she was unaware of the people outside her small world.

After attending, Arizona State University for college, she says her world opened up, and she felt the world outside of her was quite different. After completing her study, she began conjugal life with the businessman, Jahm.

The pair were blessed with three children. Among them, two are twins of 21, and one is running at 20. At the same time, while parenting her children, she decided to establish a multimedia lifestyle brand called Everyday Dishes & DIY.

In a short period, her PhoenixBased company, CherylStyle, has captured immense appreciation and admiration for the stay-at-home mother turned entrepreneur, and she felt blessed to receive such praise from the people.

Cheryl also became a best-selling author of two lifestyle books. She wanted some clothing to match her views of inclusivity, so she began Love Over H8 Apparel, a direct-to-consumer clothing line.

Moreover, she is an ambitious woman who has big goals for the Love Over H8 brand. She balanced her marital and professional life pretty well and is an understanding partner and caring mother.