Jacinta Allan Children: How many Kids does Jacinta Allan have?

Jacinta Marie Allan is an Australian politician serving as the 49th and current premier of Victoria since 2023.

She and her husband Yorick Pipe have two young children who attend the local Primary School. The family lives on a farm near Bendigo.

Jacinta Allan is very guarded about her two children, who are 10 and eight years old. She does not share any information about her kids.

She revealed that becoming a mother changed her approach to politics. According to some reports from colleagues, Allan and husband Piper have raised “beautifully balanced kids” despite the unrelenting demands of her job.

“The biggest impact on my outlook and the way I work has been having kids,” Allan says. “Having kids is motivating”.

Jacinta Allan has been the leader of the Victorian branch of the Australian Labor Party since 2023 and has been a member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly for the division of Bendigo East since 1999