Is Viktor Medvedchuk Still Married To Oksana Marchenko? Wife And Children – Net Worth

The Ukrainian lawyer Viktor Medvedchuk has been married three times, and he is currently wedded to his wife, Oksana Marchenko. Follow us for every detail about the couple, including their age gap.

Viktor Volodymyrovych Medvedchuk is a Ukrainian lawyer, business oligarch and politician. He was elected as People’s Deputy of Ukraine on August 29, 2019.

Furthermore, he is also the chairman of the pro-Russian political organization Ukrainian Choice and an opponent of Ukraine joining the European Union.

More to this, for about five months, Medvedchuk was a member of the Ukrainian parliament. Additionally, he served between 2002 and 2005 as chief of staff to former Ukrainian president Leonid Kuchma.

Viktor Medvedchuk Wife 2022: Is He Still Married To Oksana Marchenko?

Viktor Medvedchuk is not just known for his professional career. Besides, he is equally known for his married life. As we all know, the lawyer has been married three times.

Medvedchuk divorced Marina Lebedeva and Natalya Gavrilyuk. People doubt if he is still married to Oksana Marchenko. So, the answer is yes; he is still married to  Marchenko and spending a happy married life.

More on this,  Oksana Marchenko is a well-known TV presenter in Ukraine. Not to mention, Medvedchuk has two daughters: Irina with Gavrilyuk and Daryna with Marchenko.

Additionally, Russian President Vladimir Putin is the godfather of Daryna.

Viktor Medvedchuk And Oksana Marchenko Age Gap And Kids

Viktor Medvedchuk is currently 67 years as was born on August 7, 1954, in Pochet, Russian SFSR, Soviet. On the other hand, the famous TV personality Oksana Marchenko is 48 years old as of 2022.

Moreover, Marchenko was born on April 28, 1973, and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine. Similarly, the couple got married in 2003. Not to mention, Marchenko is a well-known TV presenter in Ukraine.

Considering their born details, the pair has 19 years of age gap, but it doesn’t look so as both of the duo look pretty younger than their actual age.

Despite being publicly famous, she has preferred to stay away from the limelight and has shared her details precisely with us. Additionally, the couple brings up two children: a son from her first marriage, Bogdan, and a daughter, Daria.

Similarly, she was previously married to Yuriy Vitalyevich Korzh, founder and CEO of the Internet provider company Global Ukraine with whom Marchenko has a son named Bogdan Marchenko, born in 1997.

Viktor Medvedchuk Net Worth Revealed

Viktor Medvedchuk owns a big yacht named Royal Romance, as per the sources. Moreover, he was listed as the 57th richest man in Ukraine in 2008, with his net worth being $460 million.