Is Thomas Rhett Related To Trace Adkins? Georgia Singer Brother Sister And Family

American musician Thomas Rhett is the son of singer Rhett Akins and Paige Braswell. Find out if he has any relation with fellow American singer Trace Adkins.

With five studio albums under his name, the 32-year-old has given hit after hit as he got the training from his father. After four Grammy Award nominations, few can challenge his status in the industry as he has made his father proud.

Growing up in Nashville, Tennessee, he got raised around renowned artists as he dropped out when he was 20 to pursue a career in music.

Fortunately, Big Machine Label Group saw his potential as they allowed him to write songs for their artists.

Is Thomas Rhett Related To Trace Adkins?

Country music artist Thomas Rhett holds no family ties to Multi-Platinum Country star Trace Adkins.

Although they work in the same fraternity, they have nothing in common except their last names, as the gentleman has over 25 years of expertise in chart-topping smashes with bold authenticity.

Growing up in the cultural melting-pot of Louisiana, he always thought of himself as a lone wolf with the ability to think outside the box made him the recipient of multiple Grammy nominations.

Indeed, he entered the industry in 1996, sending 14 into Billboard’s Top 10, with collaborations with Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, Stevie Wonder on harmonica, and Snoop Dogg, to name a few.

With an unbreakable reign in his area, he is at the top of his game as he remains satisfied with his success and feels there is still much to do.

Besides, his smooth, rich, and dynamic vocals are the charm behind his continued triumphs as his song like Heartbreak Song, Where I Am Today, and Careful Girl have been on the listener’s lips since their release.

Who Is Georgia Singer Thomas Rhett’s Brother Or Sister?

Georgia Thomas Rhett has one younger sister named Kasey Akins and half-brothers from each side.

At 30, the artist became a big brother after his dad, Rhett, and his new spouse, Sonya Mansfield, welcomed their first child, Brody James Akins, on March 13.

Surprisingly, he was a month later than his nephew as Thomas and his wife gave birth to Lennon Love Akins just a month earlier.

Indeed, he holds a tight bond with his family members as he is the father to two girls, Willa Gray Akins and Ada James Akins.

Meanwhile, his mom’s marriage resulted in a young bother, Tyler Lankford, who has decided to start the lime lgth.

The family gets together during the holiday season and goes on extended vacations.

Does Thomas Rhett Have A Family?

Thomas Rhett is the son of award-winning singer/songwriter Rhett Akins and his wife, Paige Lankford. Sadly, they parted ways when he was only nine, as they eventually got married to other people and formed new families.

His mom loathed Akins’s career as she made him promise that he would not walk down the same path.

The pledge got meant to get broken as he still shared his father’s passion for music.

Indeed, his talents were not something that could get tamed as he had learned how to play drums in junior high, accompanying his father on stage.

In high school, he got inducted into the school band, The High Heeled Flip Flops, as he flourished musically and began composing original songs.

Years later, he had found a successful profession in music as he called his old man onto the Grand Ole Opry stage to perform in and sold-out show.

The event of a lifetime saw Thomas, 31, and Rhett, 51, playing 1990s hits with his new track, What’s Your Country.