Is Singer Greentea Peng aka Aria Wells Pregnant? What you need to know about the singer

It has been theorized that Vocalist Greentea Peng, otherwise called Aria Wells, is anticipating a kid.

The neo-soul and hallucinogenic R’n’B artist is from southeast London.

The vocalist’s stage name, ‘Greentea,’ is a blend of her affection for green tea and the shoptalk word ‘peng,’ and that signifies ‘alluring’ in London.

In spite of her strange dress sense, Greentea is known for her tattoos, plentiful gems, and full body piercings.

Regardless of her strange looks and music style, she has had the option to stay aware of the music scene in the US, where she delivered her presentation collection, Man Made, in late 2017.

While recording her presentation collection, she was likewise welcomed to perform on the rebound mixtape of rapper Roads, showing her smooth, imposing vocals and panther print Rasta crown.

Greentea Peng has been contrasted with specialists, for example, Amy Winehouse and Erykah Badu and put fourth on the BBC’s next-big-thing conjecture.

As of late, the artist moved to the wide open trying to accomplish balance and an extreme way of life.

While the subtleties encompassing her pregnancy stay scant, she affirmed her new area.

She is purportedly arranging a show visit in Europe in mid 2021.

Right now, she isn’t in no relationship, yet it is far-fetched that she is concealing the child from her fans.