Is Sierra From Love And Hip Hop Pregnant? Everything On Sierra Gates New Boyfriend & More

Is Sierra From Love And Hip Hop Pregnant? Here is everything you need to know about the amazing struggle of the renowned actress and entrepreneur. 

Sierra Gates is an American actress and entrepreneur who is recognized for her cosmetics company, Sierra Glam Shop.

Her company is known for amazing beauty services and therapies helping people to figure out what type of makeup best fits them.

Well, she is not just popular for her company, but rather for how to come into the run and the struggles behind it.

She is a brave woman considering all the things she faced, from being a pregnant homeless woman to a successful millionaire.

Apart from all this, people are also concerned regarding matters of her personal life, like if she is pregnant, her new boyfriend, age, net worth, and more.

Indeed, all these matters have reached their peak and are still rising rapidly on the web.

Is Sierra From Love And Hip Hop Pregnant?

Sierra From Love And Hip Hop does not seem to be pregnant right now.

However, there are many stories relating to Sierra and pregnancy. Firstly, she is a mother of 2, so she has been pregnant twice.

Also, she was just 15 when she got pregnant for the first time and she was thrown off by her family once they found out about her pregnancy.

Indeed, she became a homeless woman at age 15. Later, she was married to her now-former husband Shooter Gates.

Shooter was found cheating on Sierra with a pregnant woman and there are reports of Seriia assaulting her, for which she was gonna face a charge of 5 years.

However, it seems like that did not happen because she is a free woman and there are no further talks of her legal charges.

Also, last year, she was pranked where she was told that she is pregnant, but the prank ended real soon.

Does Sierra Gates Have A New Boyfriend?

Sierra Gates is currently dating her new boyfriend Eric Whitehead.

She publically revealed her new boyfriend in the show Love And Hip-hop.

Also, they do have similar life stories regarding how they faced a lot of problems and still ended up being great businesspersons on their own.

Also, both of them are 31 and they do look great together.

Well, we do not know how long they have been dating but they are surely a great couple.

Sierra Gates Age: How Old Is The CEO?

The age of actress and entrepreneur Sierra Gates is 31 years old now.

She was born on May 24, 1989, in the United States. Moreover, she was just 15 when she became a parent and she was 25 when she became the CEO of her own company.

Sierra Gates Net Worth Explored

Sierra Gates has an estimated net worth of at least $5 million.

Well, she has not revealed the value herself, but we have tried to bring up an accurate assumption.

She has mentioned on her Instagram bio that she is 31 and makes 7 figures, meaning that her annual income is in millions of dollars.

Hence she surely does have a net worth of at least 5 million dollars by now.