Is Project Nightfall Dating Sonya Mulkeet? Musician And Vlogger Girlfriend Details

Sonya Mulkeet is well known for being Project Nightfall’s girlfriend. She is an Indian-Singaporean social activist, schoolteacher, and digital content developer.

Sonya Mulkeet is a social activist and inspiring content developer. She’s also a Singapore-based non-resident Indian.

She is currently a member of a Project Nightfall team with her companion partner, and the couple is working together to ensure the success of Project Nightfall. Surprisingly, their films have a large following, with over 857K members.

Who Is Project Nightfall Girlfriend? Explore Her Wikipedia

Project Nightfall’s girlfriend, Sonya Mulkeet, has yet to be added to the Wikipedia page.

Mulkeet has also served as a consultant at Ethos BeathChapman and Ambition (a leading global boutique recruitment business).

Sonya Mulkeet began dating her lover, Project Nightfall (Agon Hare), in the year 2020. Sonya and Project spend most of their time together as co-founders of Project Nightfall Organization.

Project Nightfall, commonly known as Agon Hare, is a well-known Polish motivational content developer with a significant fan base.

On June 5, 2022, the two were engaged in a small private ceremony in Spain with a very small number of guests. They’d been dating for approximately a year and a half.

Sonya Mulkeet Nationality: Her Origin

Sonya Mulkeet’s nationality is Indian-Australian. Her partner’s nationality is Polish. She was born to her parents in Singapore.

She was raised by her single mother. Despite impossible hardships and circumstances, her mother developed in her a strong sense of culture and knowledge.

In a few of her social media posts, Mulkeet has included images of her mother and father.

Mulkeet is a multi-ethnic individual. Sonya’s height is approximately 5 feet 6 inches. Her partner was born on June 18, 1992.

What Is Sonya Mulkeet Religion?

Sonya Mulkeet most likely follows Hinduism, as seen by the images she has posted celebrating Diwali.

Her partner Nightfall has remained tight-lipped about his religious beliefs. She also worked as an English and Literature teacher at The Academic Workshop.

In terms of formal education, Mulkeet earned a Bachelor’s degree in Arts with Distinction with a major in Public Policy and Global Affairs.