Is Miquita Oliver Dad Scottish Teacher?

Exploring the web, we can say that Miquita Oliver’s dad is a Scottish teacher. In an interview with the Guardian, Miquita admitted that her dad is white and lives in Scotland.

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So, it can be said that her father holds Scottish nationality and belongs to white descent. And another report shows Oliver’s mother raised her as a single parent until her stepdad came.

From that, we can say her biological dad and mom separated a long time ago. Oliver also admitted that her mother was just 20 years old when she gave birth to Miquita. Furthermore, the mom-daughter bond is getting stronger day by day.

They often explore different places together, do adventurous stuff, and share pictures via her Instagram handle.

Miquita Oliver Father Profession? Meet Her Mother Andrea Oliver

Miquita Oliver’s father is an art history teacher. As per Oliver, her dad is very traditional. Apart from that, her mother, Andrea Oliver, is an established figure widely recognized as a celebrity chef.

Not to mention, Andrea Oliver is mostly known by her professional name, Andi. she is a one-time member of the band Rip Rig + Panic. Not only, but she used to co-host the Channel 4 television show Baadasss TV along with Ice-T.

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Talking about her early life, Andi was born in London and belonged to Antiguan descent from her mother’s side. And netizens are curious to know about her hair loss as they thought she might have gone bald due to some illness.

However, there is not much info about Oliver being diagnosed with an illness, so we couldn’t mention the fact behind Andi being bald.

What Illness Does Miquita Oliver Have?

Miquita Oliver seems healthy, and there is no news of her illness. But when people noticed a significant change in her body, they thought Oliver might have some illness and lose weight.

But some of the online portals show she was conscious about her health and weight from an early age. Due to this reason, Oliver might be taking a strict diet to maintain her weight.