Is Mam Sonto Leaving Gomora? Is She Going To Die? What Will Happen?

Gomora has returned with its third season of drama, excitement, more deaths, and more revenge. Mam Sonto is one of the main characters that make the show what it is with her charismatic presence, played by Connie Chiume.

Last season was traumatizing for viewers as they ended the show with hints of Mam Sonto leaving the show. Fans were grappling on straws hoping for the lead to not be written off from the show as she is the character that is holding the show together.

She seems to have survived last season, but it seems death does not leave Mam Sonto alone as this season has built up quite the stage for the end of Sonto.

Let us dive deep into the world of Gomora, what the future holds for the head of the Molefe family, and if Sonto will be leaving Gomora for good this time.

Is Mam Sonto Leaving Gomora? Is She Going To Die? What Will Happen To Mam Sonto?

Mam Sonto’s death has been anticipated since season 2, and the teasers hinted that one family says goodbye to their loved ones. However, it was not Sonto in the second season as the fans had assumed.

She survived the gunshot that was supposed to kill her in season two. Now with the new season, the rivalry has just escalated with her killing Mjay.

Mjay threatens to take Tshiamo as leverage, and the grandmother takes her chance and shoots him trying to protect her family. This results in Qhoqhoqho vowing to avenge his death and kill Mam Sonto.

This has the fans worried that the show might kill off the main character but what’s even more shocking is Mam Sonto’s sickness. Mam Sonto suddenly collapses and is believed to be critically ill.

Fans did expect the lead to face her end, but they never expected it to be a critical illness; everyone thought it would be a result of a rivalry fight with guns involved.

But the latest episodes show that the family head is critically ill on her death bed while she is still trying to sort things out with Thathi.

Mazet is worried that the misunderstanding between Thathi and her would stress her out more and kill her and asks Thathi to come to see her and mend things over, or she will die.

Fans are devastated to know that they are going to end such a strong character’s story with some critical illness and want more of Mam Sonto in the show Gomora since she has built the show for so long.

We can only wait and see what happens to the fan-favorite character in Gomora and if the show is really going to end Mam Sonto’s life for good in the show.