Is Leslie Lopez Pregnant Or Sick? What Happened To The ABC News Presenter And Where Is She Today?

Is Leslie Lopez pregnant? The rumours on ABC meteorologist being pregnant and sick with hyperemesis gravidarum are true. She is expecting her daughter in July. 

Leslie Lopez confirmed that she is expecting a baby girl in July via an Instagram post today.

She is a morning meteorologist for ABC7 Eyewitness News, providing weekday weather reports for the 4 am, 5 am, and 6 am newscasts.

ABC News: Is Leslie Lopez Pregnant Or Sick?

Leslie Lopez pregnancy rumours turned out to be valid, and she thanked her audience for warm regards in her missing days due to hyperemesis gravidarum.

HG is also known as morning sickness, which usually happens due to pregnancy in most cases.

According to the Instagram post earlier today, Leslie confirmed her pregnancy rumours and added that her son Nolan would be a big brother to a baby sister in July.

Lopez joined ABC7 in 2016 and received her Bachelor of Science degree from Mississippi State University.

Lopez studied broadcast meteorology and pressured her career in the same field.

In addition, Lopez has also completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from UC Riverside.

Leslie is also certified as a broadcast meteorologist by Mississippi State University.

What Happened To Leslie Lopez, And Where Is She Today?

Leslie Lopez had been missing from her daily appearances on the TV because of her sickness due to pregnancy. She is expecting a baby girl in coming July.

Lopez has been unable to present in the news hours for a few weeks now. She is recovering from her home nowadays.

Furthermore, the same message was posted on her Twitter account, which reconfirmed she was sick due to Hyperemesis gravidarum.

She said she wanted to mention how grateful she was last time around for all your support. So many of you reached out to her to share your stories of HG.

Furthermore, she added that the messages helped her fight through terribly sick days. She remembers one story from a viewer who said the vomiting was so constant & violent her ribs cracked.

What Is Leslie Lopez Husband Net Worth In 2022?

Leslie Lopez is married to her longtime boyfriend, Boos Cruise. The estimated net worth of Boos Cruise is around $1 million.

Cruise is a government officer in the US Air Force. On the other hand, Leslie’s net worth might reach up to $500,000.

She has a long history of working as a weather anchor in different news channels.

Lopez joined ABC7 after spending several years at KUSI in San Diego, where she worked as a weekday morning weather/traffic anchor, fill-in anchor, and host.

Before that, Leslie held dual roles at Bakersfield NBC-affiliate KGET, where she worked as a reporter and weekend weather anchor.