Is Kelsey Lawrence, Baby Alien Sister: Leaked Video And Scandal Twitter

Who Is Baby Alien Sister? TikTok users have been asking questions about the TikTok star’s personal life and are saying that Kelsey Lawrence may be Alien’s sister.

Yabdiel Cotto, aka Baby Alien, is a famous, renowned TikTok personality who has remained in the spotlight for quite a while now. He has gained more than 711k followers on his Instagram account.

By sharing various funny skits and videos, Baby Alien has been able to gain massive followers. Furthermore, he got into the spotlight when his fan bus video went viral.

He created an explicit video with OnlyFans star Ari Alectra, which went viral. Due to that, he has been in the media prominence, and currently, another topic of his personal matter has been circulating on the web.

Everyone wants to know about Alien’s sister, and many are speculating that Kelsey is the sister of the TikTok personality.

Is Kelsey Lawrence, Baby Alien Sister?

There have been rumors circulating on the internet saying that Kelsey Lawrence is the sister of Baby Alien. It all started when some TikTok videos mentioned Kelsey as Baby Alien’s sister.

However, the confirmed news has not been posted by any media sources. It is believed that it is fake, and both Kelsey and Baby Alien have kept their mouth shut regarding this matter.

Online users may have speculated that they are brothers and sisters as both of them have the same problems with their appearances. 

Not to mention, they have the same condition, dwarfism, and both of them came into media prominence when their video from Fan Bus was posted.

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Kelsey Lawrence Leaked Video Goes Viral

Kelsey Lawrence leaked video has gone viral on various social media platforms, including Twitter. She is also a TikTok personality and OF star who makes videos on the platform.

She started to make headlines on the internet after her video from Fan Bus went viral. In the video, she was seen having an intimate moment with a man.

After the video was posted on OF, it was shared by other people on the adult sites, which dragged Lawrence into the controversy.

For the past few days, many online sources have been making news related to this matter. On the other side, some Twitter handles have also made news related to the viral clip.

What Is Kelsey Lawrence Scandal On Twitter?

The Kelsey Lawrence scandal has dragged a huge amount of public attention as her fan bus video, which was created for OF content, went viral.

As said earlier, Lawrence made a video with a man for an OF content. It was shared on the adult platform, which could only be watched by exclusive viewers.

But later, the video was recorded by some of their viewers and posted on adult sites, which went viral instantly. Kelsey has been making rounds on TikTok and Twitter since then.

Apart from that, her name got more into the media prominence after getting linked with another personality, Baby Alien

As of now, there is no fact news of them having a blood relationship, as many people are confused and are saying that they are a brother and a sister. 

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