Is Jim Belushi Related To John Belushi? Siblings Explored

Is Jim Belushi Related To John Belushi? Yes, Jim is the younger brother of comic actor John Belushi.

Jim and John are biological brothers born to the same parents in Ohio. They were raised in Chicago, Illinois along with Billy and Marian.

The comedian was a performing arts fanatic and began his comedy troupe in 1955. Following that, he became an integral part of the Second City and National Lampoon Lemmings.

Following his elder sibling’s footprints, Jim studied speech and theatre arts at Southern Illinois University. He also began working at the theatre group named The Second City.

Jim debuted as Bert Gunkel in the 1978 TV series, Who’s Watching The Kids. Following that, he landed a leading role in 1881 as Barry in the movie Thief.

The sibling duo grew in the entertainment sector and earned recognition. However, it did not last long as John perished in 1982 because of drug intoxication.

It took a while for Jim to cope with his brother’s death. But he crossed that heart-striking phase and became a renowned actor, musician, comedian, and cannabis mogul.

Jim Belushi Siblings

Jim Belushi siblings are John Belushi, Marian Belushi and Billy Belushi. John has perished while Marian and Billy reside in the United States.

Jim Belushi Brother

Jim Belushi brother John Belushi was a comedian. Jim has another brother named Billy Belushi.

The actor faced excruciating heartbreak when John passed away due to mixed drug abuse.

The former comedian was a reputed artist and the original cast member of Saturday Night Live (SNL). Moreover, he was one of the members of The West Compass Trio.

Belushi took him as a role model and followed in his footsteps. However, the former actor was not aware of it, and he was initially shocked by the actor’s artistic career choice according to Grunge.

He taught him to enter the entertainment industry. He also sacrificed his roles at Blues Brothers performances for his younger sibling.

Because of their close relationship, the actor faced heartbreak after John’s demise. During that time, he performed at a theatre and continued his show despite the distress.

On 24 January 2020, he wished birthdays to John and Billy via an Instagram post.

Jim Belushi Sister

Jim sister Marian Belushio is a psychic reader. Marians also works as a writer.

As per her LinkedIn profile, she is based in Los Angeles and is skilled in publishing, creative writing, screenwriting, public speaking, copy editing, and more.

Marian is a married woman and is blessed with kids. She often posts pictures of her beautiful grandchildren on her Facebook account.

Jim Belushi Family

Jim Belushi family hails from Chicago. His parents Adam Anastos and Agnes Demetri brought him alongside two siblings.

The actor is also the father to three gorgeous children from his former partners.

His mother Agnes was born to Albanian immigrant parents. Born in Ohio, she served as a pharmacy worker for multiple years.

Adam was an immigrant from Qyteze, Republic of Albania. He was a restauranteur who owned the Fair Oaks restaurant on North Avenue in Chicago.

Belushi hails from an Albanian descent as both of his parents were Albanian.

Jim Belushi Children

Jim Belushi children are 1. Robert Belushi 2. Jamison Bess Belushi 3. Jared James Belushi. The actor is a proud father to his three kids.

Son Robert Belushi Is An Actor

Robert Belushi is an actor known for his appearance in How I Met Your Mother and Chicago P.D. He is also the writer and producer of Dylan and The Glue Factory.

Robert was born on 23 October 1980 as the first and eldest child of Belushi. He completed his studies at Wesleyan University in 2004.

Belushi, aged 42, debuted onscreen in the TV movie The Birthday Boy as Bobby Jr. He also featured in multiple episodes of According To Jim and The Joe Schmo Show.

Robert has a height of 5 feet 6 inches and he is happily married to Chelsea Wernsman. Moreover, he has a decent number of followers on his Instagram handle.

Daughter Jamison Bess Belushi

Born on 28 July 1999, Jamison Bess is an incredible actress. She recently starred in The Glue Factory and The Last Summer and hosted The Nail Polish Sisters Podcast.

Jamison is 21 and debuted on TV with ‘According to Jim.’ In 2020, she performed as Kiki in Hotel for the Holidays movie.

Bess is quite active on social media, especially Instagram where she has amassed 14.1K followers.

Son Jared Belushi

Jared Belushi was born on 8 February 2002, and he is 21 years old. He is in the university and is studying hard as per actor’s Instagram post.

Belushi is one of the youngest members of the family. He is also present on Instagram where he posts funny yet awesome pictures.

Jared has roughly 6.8K supporters on Instagram, and it is growing with every passing day.

Jim Has Been Married Thrice

Jim Belushi wife Jennifer Sloan is a casting assistant. Jennifer filed for divorce on 5 March 2018.

The actor was formerly wedded to Sandra Davenport and Marjorie Brandfield.

Belushi tied the nuptials with his first wife Sandra Davenport on 17 May 1980. The couple had their first child Robert in 1980 before splitting in 1988.

The musician married his second wife Marjorie Bransfield in 1990. His marriage with the actress did not last long and ended in divorce in 1992.

On 2 May 1998, Belushi wedded his third wife Jennifer Sloan. The pair welcomed a daughter named Jamison and a son named Jared into this world.