Is Jesse Motlop Indigenous? Family Origin And Religion

Recent times have seen a rise in the popularity of Jesse Motlop Indigenous origins and family history. 

His Native American heritage is essential to who he is and has greatly influenced him as a person and football player. 

Jesse Motlop has developed a reputation as a knowledgeable and compassionate player thanks to his intelligence and consideration on the field.

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Is Jesse Motlop Indigenous? 

Yes, Jesse Motlop is Indigenous. The Indigenous heritage of Jesse Motlop is an essential part of who he is and has significantly impacted his development as a football player and person. 

Motlop has a strong sense of pride and connection to his Indigenous ancestry because he is descended from the Larrakia people, the traditional owners of the Darwin region in the Northern Territory. 

He had a compelling debut for the Blues with a critical goal that turned the game’s tide in Carlton’s favor against the Giants. He is a proud Larrakia man from the Darwin region of the Northern Territory. 

Jesse carries on the heritage of his skilled relatives because he comes from a family with a rich football pedigree, including his father, former Indigenous All-Star Daniel Motlop.



With his promising future in football and his growing success in the arts, Jesse Motlop is making waves in both industries (Image Source: carltonfc)

Jesse Motlop has shown his zeal and commitment in several endeavors away from the field. He has been actively involved in creating jumper designs that integrate Indigenous motifs and artwork as a Year 12 student and football player, showcasing his cultural heritage.

Motlop has a solid reputation outside of football because he is dedicated to his education and actively pursues his creative interests.

Jesse Motlop’s accomplishments, both on and off the field, demonstrate his tenacity, talent, and dedication. He hopes to strengthen his natural football skills and add his distinctive touch to the game as he begins his second season at the top level. 

Motlop is well-positioned to embrace his Indigenous background while making a lasting contribution to football, thanks to his family’s long history in the game.

Jesse Motlop Family

Jade Adams and Daniel Motlop, Jesse Motlop’s parents, divorced ten years ago, which made it challenging to support Jesse when his football career took off.

 Both parents continued to be involved in their son’s journey despite their divorce, albeit in different ways.

Daniel Motlop, a Larrakia Indigenous football player in the Australian Football League (AFL), had an illustrious career that included 130 senior games for the North Melbourne Football Club and the Port Adelaide Football Club. 

He continued to support the sport by playing for the Wanderers Football Club in the Northern Territory Football League after his AFL career.

Daniel, however, found it difficult to frequently attend his son’s games because of his separation from Jesse’s mother, Jade Adams. 

He had only been able to watch a few of Jesse’s live games in the preceding two years.

He continued to be a devoted supporter, though, eagerly consuming any highlights or videos he could get his hands on to keep up with Jesse’s football career.

On the other hand, Jade Adams desired to maintain a more private presence and avoid the spotlight. She is a mystery, except that she split up with Daniel Motlop.


As he has yet to make his religious views known to the public, Jesse Motlop’s affiliations and beliefs in religion remain unclear. However, his professional football career has recently drawn much interest and recognition.

 Jesse developed a love for the football game early on, and he first displayed it when competing for the South Fremantle Football Club in the WAFL Colts league. 

Due to this, the Carlton Football Club chose him in the 2020 AFL Draft. Jesse played eight games for Carlton in his first season and made an impression with his on-field talent, speed, and agility. 

He scored his maiden AFL goal, and as a tiny forward, he showed much promise.

Along with playing football, Jesse has followed his love of the arts. In his popular podcast, Deadly Discussions, which he started, he has discussions with Indigenous leaders and role models. 

Jesse has more options in the arts sector because of the podcast’s success. He is making waves in the football and art worlds thanks to his bright future in the sport. 

He will generate headlines and a significant impact in the years to come as long as he keeps performing well on and off the field.

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