Is Gwyn Bevel Leaving KSN?

The answer is no; Gwyn Bevel is not leaving the KSNW television station as she has not made any official announcement of her departure.

The several speculations of the anchor leaving the channel are just a hoax. 

Gwyn is still serving as the morning news anchor at KSN Tv. She has been working with the channel for more than five years.

The journalist is content with her current position and has no plans to leave the station.

Where Is Gwyn Bevel Going? 

Currently, the frequently asked question on the internet about Gwyn Bevel is, where is Gwyn Bevel going?

Gwyn got promoted from KFDX to KSN in Wichita, Kansas, in 2016.

She made her debut at KSN as a Morning News anchor and reporter. 

Before that, the journalist worked in the KFDx for almost thirteen years. 

KFDX is also a member station of KSN-TV. As a result, the Nexstar Broadcasting corporation is in charge of both stations.

Who Is Gwyn Bevel? Age And Wikipedia

Gwyn Bevel is a professional news anchor who is currently 40 years old.

Meanwhile, the reporter’s biography does not exist on the Wikipedia page despite her fame. 

Further, Bevel was born on December 18, 1981, in Texas, USA. She graduated with her bachelor’s degree from Southern Illinois University. 

Similarly, Gwyn graduated from the University of Illinois at Springfield with a master’s degree in public affairs reporting.

Southern Illinois University honored her as one of the 25 Most Outstanding Seniors. Also, Gwyn was a proud Saluki during her time at university.

The term “Saluki “refers to a specific breed of dog that hunts mostly by sight rather than smell. Gwyn got the honor because of her ability to track down pertinent information.

Gwyn Bevel Husband

Gwyn Bevel is presently married to her husband, Michael.

Bevel and Michael have been together for almost a decade and now live in Kansas. 

The journalist does not much open up regarding her private life in public. Also, we are unsure if the married duo has children or not.