Is Finn Balor Gay, Married to a Wife, or Dating a Girlfriend Now? 

During Wrestlemania 34 in April 2018, WWE superstar, Finn Balor, made what has been described as the gayest entrance in the history of wrestling. The Irish wrestler not only wore a t-shirt with a rainbow-coloured design but was also accompanied by members of the New Orleans LGBTQ community. Balor later announced that he would be making donations to prominent LGBT organisation, GLAAD. So is the wrestler gay or does he have a lady love in his life? All these and more will be answered below.

What is Finn Balor’s Real Name?

Finn Balor (real name – Fergal Devitt) was born on the 25th of July 1981 in Bray, a coastal town in County Wicklow, Ireland. The wrestler has not disclosed specific details about his family background. It is however known that he has a total of four siblings, comprising of three brothers and one sister. Balor grew up in Bray and attended St Cronan’s School. As a youngster, he loved all things sports and played soccer as well as Gaelic football. He also loved watching sports shows and grew up admiring wrestlers such as Shannon Michaels and The British Bull Dogs. Finn Balor later decided to pursue his passion and started training with the National Wrestling Alliance UK, at the age of 18. It did not take long for his talent to shine through as he won the NWA British Commonwealth heavyweight championship shortly after.

WWE Career

Between 2000 and 2006, Finn Balor toured the U.K., the U.S., and Ireland and added several belts to his haul. He later moved to Japan in March 2006 and signed with New Japan Pro Wrestling. Balor spent a total of 14 years in Japan during which he used the ring name, Prince Devitt. He won several belts including the IWGP junior heavyweight championship (3 times) and the IWGP junior heavyweight tag team championship (6 times). The Irishman was also named the best of the super juniors on two occasions. Finn Balor finally made it to the big leagues in May 2014 when he was signed to the WWE’s developmental territory, NXT. He immediately set about proving that his Japanese exploits were no fluke and emerged NXT champion in May 2015. Balor has since joined the main roster of the WWE, fighting on the RAW and Smackdown brands. He has also notched several belts including the WWE universal championship and the WWE intercontinental championship.

Is Finn Balor Gay?

Finn Balor is not gay but he is a vocal supporter of gay rights. During Wrestlemania 34 in New Orleans in April 2018, the wrestler was accompanied by several members of the local LGBT community when he made his grand entrance. He did not stop at that but also redesigned his trademark triangle logo in the rainbow colours. After the match, the Irishman also announced that a portion of proceeds from the sale of his merchandise will be donated to GLAAD. Balor’s actions won him hundreds of fans with many gay people expressing their gratitude for a moment that meant so much to them. The Wrestler also received praise from a former WWE superstar, Darren Young. Young is the WWE’s first openly-gay superstar and he revealed that the historic moment moved him to tears.

Is He Married to a Wife or Dating a Girlfriend?

Finn Balor has never been married but he has dated some lovely ladies in the past. The WWE superstar previously dated Cathy Kelley in 2017. Kelley is a native of Oak Park, Illinois and was born on the 27th of September 1988. She started out as a host and panelist on AfterBuzz TV before joining the WWE as their social media correspondent. Kelley is now a backstage correspondent whilst retaining her social media gig (hosting shows on the WWE’s website and YouTube channel). Balor and Cathy Kelley first got to know each other through their mutual involvement in the WWE universe. They began dating in 2017 and made several joint public appearances. The couple later split up in the spring of 2018 and has since maintained a cordial working relationship.

Finn Balor is now in a relationship with Fox Sports reporter, Veronica Rodriguez. The couple confirmed their romance during the 2019 UEFA Champions League final in Madrid. Rodriguez was covering the match for her channel while Balor, a keen football fan, was there to support one of the teams. She asked him for his thoughts on which team would be victorious and he replied that the big question was whether they were dating. Rodriguez answered yes and Balor replied that since that was the case, it didn’t really matter who won the match as he has already won in life. The loved-up pair later posted a beautiful couple photo on Balor’s Instagram handle.