Is Clark On Jeopardy Trans? Sexuality Explored

Clark Dawson, a lawyer, is suspected of being transgender. This is, however, merely a guess as to her sexuality, and Clark has not confirmed it.

She has not publicly declared her gender identity as of yet. Clark should not be labeled a member of the LGBT community without supporting evidence or proof.


The latest episode of “Jeopardy” aired at 7 p.m. on 6ABC.

One of the other contestants is Cory Anotado. He works as a creative designer for a marketing agency company in Baltimore. 

Is The Contestant Man or A Woman? 

For the time being, we may say that Clark Dawson is a woman because no confirmation or verification has been disclosed. She is physically a woman with all of the characteristics of a female.

Clark’s Facebook page was discovered, and we were startled to learn that she is the mother of three small children. She has not uploaded many posts on her feed. 

This could be a shred of evidence that she is a woman.


However, simply reading this information should not lead one to believe Clark is a woman. A female transgender woman can have children and be a mother.

She earned her J.D. and B.A. from the University of South Carolina School of Law and Wofford College.

Dawson works at and is the firm’s transactional legal department’s home closings lead. She has collaborated with a team of agents, investors, and asset managers from the United States to close bank-owned and other properties.

Clark worked as a legal clerk for the House Committee on Labor, Commerce, and Industry before joining Rogers Townsend.

Clark Dawson Partner 

Clark Dawson is a married woman who has three adorable children. Sadly, she has not disclosed the identity of her husband/partner. Dawson and her partner are parents to two daughters and one son. 

They all live in South Carolina, the United States.