Is Bishop Kevin O Smith Dead? Jamaica Cult Pastor – Wife Age & Arrest

Kevin O Smith aka Kevin Smith is a cult leader/pastor from Jamaica who is currently in the headlines after he is arrested for performing human sacrifice. Here is everything you need to know about him including the details of his wife, age, and arrest.

Kevin O. Smith, also known as Kevin Smith, is a Jamaican cult leader and preacher.

He was just arrested for slicing the throats of Tanecka Gardner, a 39-year-old office worker, and an unnamed guy.

After two persons were slain during an alleged “human sacrifice,” the Jamaican preacher and 41 of his parishioners were detained last week.

Police stormed in, fearful that Smith thought he was God and was planning a mass slaughter.

Who Is Bishop Kevin O Smith Jamaica? His Wiki And Age

Bishop Kevin O Smith of Jamaica has been in the news recently after being arrested for suspected human sacrifices.

In fact, before the terrible human sacrifice, “Prophet” Dr. Kevin warned of the apocalypse, witchcraft, and sex.

Despite the fact that stories about his crime have been widely publicized, his personal bio and wiki have received little attention.

He is 39 years old and was born and reared in Jamaica, according to claims published by The Sun.

Cult Pastor Kevin O Smith Wife

Cult Paster Kevin O Smith’s wife has not made an appearance on the media yet.

As a matter of fact, the details on his wife or married life are missing till now.

Moreover, his wife has not spoken anything about the incident as of now.

Bishop Kevin O Smith Arrest – Is He Dead?

Kevin O. Smith, a self-described “prophet,” and church members were arrested on Sunday night for slicing the throats of Tanecka Gardner, a 39-year-old office worker, and an unnamed male.

In fact, it was has been characterized as a blood-shedding ceremony. Two believers had their throats slit at the commencement of an alleged blood-letting rite in Jamaica on Sunday, and the tubby preacher and 41 followers were arrested.

More potential victims, including naked men and animals, were lined up for killing with ceremonial daggers when another was shot dead after opening fire on police. 14 bewildered youngsters were caught up in the chaos.

He allegedly assaulted the officers that arrived on the site. Three more people were sent to the hospital for medical attention.