Is Ayanda Ncwane Pregnant and Is She Dating Chance The Rapper? Partner and Baby Update

Ayanda Ncwane is not pregnant yet. She is a multitalented Actress, Singer, businesswoman, and Philanthropist from South Africa. 

Ayanda Ncwane has two children from his previous man, but she said she would have another child before she turned 40.

Ayanda Ncwane is a South Africa multitalented actress, businesswoman, and Singer as well as is a social media star and philanthropist.

Ayanda Ncwane is CEO of Ncwane Communication, and her husband founded this company before his death. Ayanda has a baby from his previous husband, But she said she would have another baby before crossing 40 years.

Is Ayanda Ncwane Pregnant?

Ayanda Ncwane is not pregnant yet. Ayanda Ncwane pregnant news is just a viral rumor on social media posts.

She said she would have another baby from another man; that man would be chosen by his brother.

Ayanda also said that she wants to have her next baby before 4o years old that why she actually doesn’t want to waste her time dating a man.

Is Ayanda Ncwane Dating Chance The Rapper?

Ayanda is currently on holiday in ghana. Tweeps trolled her for not recognizing the Chance The Rapper of the USA.

Ayanda Ncwane dating Chance The Rapper is just rumored, according to her tweet on her social media account.

Because she said that she was seated with the US rapper Chance, but she didn’t recognize him that he is the US of the Rapper.

She posted her photographs with Chance The Rapper in ghana with the message, ” Only an hour later after chilling with this superstar; I realized it’s Chance The Rapper, Churchgil in me was so slow.”

 Meet Ayanda Ncwane Partner Eminent

Ayanda Ncwane was married to Eminent in 2007. He is also a singer from South Africa named S’fico Ncwane, But he was died on December 5, 2016, due to complications in his kidney.

After her husband died, She didn’t date another man until 2022, and there is no publicity that she is dating another man.

Recently in 2021, She said that she would marry soon before 40 years, and the man would be chosen by his brother. She wants to marry a man because she wants to have a baby before 40.

Ayanda Ncwane Baby Update

Ayanda Ncwane and Eminent have two children. At the early age of their children, Eminent died in 2016.

They had two children, namely Ncweti, the eldest, and Mkwane Ncwane, the youngest. After his death, She raised her children alone; that’s why she is such hardworking and robust to manage all these things.

She also enrolled her children in the best schools, and all the fees and expenses were managed alone. There are no details about her children being released, so we can’t state more about them.

I think there is no hospitality and other news is public, So we can assume that they are good by their health and wealth.