Is Actor Is Rajiv Surendra Gay? Meet His Partner Or Boyfriend

Rajiv Surendra identifies himself as gay. What about his partner and boyfriend? Find Out.

Rajiv grew up in a household where no conversation of sexuality ever took place. But, growing up in Canada helped him to come to terms with his gay sexuality.

Nonetheless, his road to success and search for identity was no so easy.

Who Is Rajiv Surendra Gay Partner? Meet His Boyfriend

Rajiv Surendra is an openly gay Canadiana actor.

Fans know him as Kevin G from the superhit movie Means Girls. He ends up dating Janis Ian in the film, whom everyone presumes as lesbian. But, in real life, it is Kevin who is actually a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Surendra has been very public about his homosexuality for a while now. He came out of the closet, much later than the>he wouldn’t be considered in the movie if he was openly gay.

Since his sexual awakening, Rajiv has even a book titled “The Elephants in My Backyard” (2016). The memories reportedly rouches issues such as domestic abuse and search of his sexuality.

However, we have no idea about Rajiv Surendra gay partner or boyfriend.

He has not posted anything about his love life. So, we think that the actor is pretty much single for now.

Rajiv Surendra Height – How Tall is He?

Fast Food High actor Rajiv Surendra height stands 5 feet and 5 inches tall.

The movie nerd is actually a handsome hunk in real life. He has maintained an amazing body with visible abs and muscles.

He is a chocolatey brown boy, who represents the Sri Lankan Tamilian ethnicity. His parents are Tamil immigrants in Toronto, Canada.

However, Surendra has supposedly cut all his ties with his father due to some past issues. Nevertheless, he is very close to his mother who is supportive of his also sexuality.

How Much is Rajiv Surendra Net Worth?

Rajiv Surendra earns a decent net worth in 2021 that is still under review.

In the past few years, he has switched his career as a calligrapher and chalk artist in Manhattan. As a fact, he is a graduate of Wexford School for the Arts.

Surendra’s last movie was a short film titled 6 ft in 7 min (2005). Since then, he has not done any major movie roles.

The actor even auditioned for the role of Pi Patel in the award-winning film Life of Pi. But, he couldn’t get the part.