Inside Job Creator Shion Takeuchi Wikipedia, Find Her On Instagram

As per Shion Takeuchi’s featured Wikipedia, she has created an animated comedy television series for Netflix. 

Shion Takeuchi is a writer with more than a half-dozen writing credits to her name.

A recently created TV series of hers, Inside Job, will hit the screen on the 22nd of October, 2021, on the streaming Netflix platform. What’s more, the show is already trending at no. 5 on Netflix in the US.

Her other writing credits include Long Live The Royals, Regular Show, Lost in Oz, Disenchantment, and many more.

Inside Job: Shion Takeuchi Wikipedia & IMDb

Shion Takeuchi works as a multitalented artist, producer, director, etc.

Along with the creator, Shion is also involved as an executive producer of Inside Job with the creator of Gravity Falls, Alex Hirsch.

Similarly, from her IMDb bio, we got to learn that she also has directorial and acting experience besides producing and animation creations. Well, Takeuchi acted as a voice artist and director for the short drama titled When the Time Is Ripe.

Gradually, Shion shifted her focus on writing and staffing on several animated series like Amazon’s Lost In Oz, Cartoon Network’s The Regular Show, Disney’s Gravity Falls, etc.

Shion Takeuchi Age: How Old Is She?

Shion Takeuchi’s age is 33 years old as of 2021.

The 1988-born talented artist’s birthday falls on the 5th of September. Similarly, the Cal Arts graduate currently resides in Los Angeles as her Twitter bio suggests.

What Is Shion Takeuchi Net Worth?

Shion Takeuchi’s net worth might be around or above five figures given her Netflix involvement.

According to Deadline, she signed a multi-year overall deal with the said streaming platform in 2018. Later, Takeuchi was recruited by Pixar to work in the Story Department, where she worked on Monsters University and Inside Out.

Shion Takeuchi family biography

About Shion Takeuchi’s family, she has mentioned them being contracted with Covid-19 in March 2020.

Other than this, we found no detailed information about her parents or family or even her romantic life.

Meet Shion Takeuchi on Instagram

Shion Takeuchi’s is indeed on Instagram as @shhhhhionn.Sadly, she has restricted public access in her IG handle which consists of more than 300 posts and over 800 followers.

Nonetheless, artist Shion owns a Twitter handle with a follower count of over 14000, where she mostly shares business-related works.