Im Off These MF Drugs TikTok Song & Lyrics, Origin Explained

A new TikTok viral song has surfaced! “Too Much,” the catchy part of the song, has become a new hot tune on TikTok.

FYOTP- Too Much has become a perfect song for you to dance around with your bestie!

The sound is getting viral every day as TikTokers coordinate the dance step with their friends and attempt to sync it up together.

Many posted videos have made us laugh by displaying their clumsy dance moves, making the video entertaining.

I’m Off These MF Drugs TikTok Song and Lyrics: Who is the singer?

The trendy song’s name is Too Much- FYOTP. The song started gaining popularity about six months ago on YouTube.

Since the month of August 2021, when the chorus part of the song, FYOTP started to get featured on TikTok clips.

I’m Off These MF Drugs TikTok Song: How do you do the TikTok Challenge?

The TikTokers first started the trend by staying still until the beat dropped off the music FYOTP, then they slowly moved their bodies and synced it up with the music beat.

There are also many tutorial videos guiding the interested TikTokers into dancing the video. Here is one in case you need it.

Although the steps are incredibly simple, they are excessively catchy and fun to dance with closed friends and buddies.

The song is also trending on Spotify.

FYOTP: Does he have a YouTube channel?

It appears that Too much has a YouTube channel of his own.

The handle name is @Too Much, with about 935 subscribers only.

Here is the supposed real music video. It has over 136,844 views. The video was posted on 15 October 2020.

Likewise, there are other music videos posted on this account. There are nine videos in total. FYOTP is the most-watched video amongst all the others.