How To Customize Your BBM PIN

BlackBerry made it official that you can now have a customized BBM PIN. However, this feature will be available for all current and new BBM users who are on BlackBerry and Android devices via an update for BBM. Current iOS users will receive the update soon and will have the option to customize BBM PINS as well.

BlackBerry has not mentioned a time frame for Windows Phone users as of yet so let’s hope that happens soon.

Check out the details below to create you a customized BBM PIN today!



What is a BBM Custom PIN?

The Custom PIN Subscription is a new feature found exclusively on BBM which allows new and existing users to create their own personalized BBM PIN. New contacts can add you to BBM using this Custom PIN, making adding new contacts easier than ever.

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Steps On How To Customize You BBM Pin

Make sure you are running the latest BBM software on your device. (The latest BBM update is currently available for Android and BlackBerry 10 smartphones. iOS users will receive the update soon).

Open BBM

Tap on the BBM Shop

Scroll down to subscriptions and select the Custom PIN Subscription.

Create your PIN. It’s that easy!