How Rich Is Hooligan Hefs? Everything To Know About The Rapper

Hooligan Hefs net worth in 2022 will be something to be talked about.

EDM musician Hooligan Hefs is a hip-hop artist. Some of his most popular songs include Send It!, Tell Em I’m Doing EetswaNo Effect, and many more.

Reportedly, he had appeared in Pistol Pete and Ten Toes. In 2020, his work, No Effect got certified platinum in Australia.

What Is Hooligan Hefs Net Worth in 2022?

Hooligan Hefs will be proud of his earnings in 2022. His latest singles have been spreading all across the globe.

As of 2021, Hooligan’s monthly income was above $22 thousand. Certainly, his net worth in 2021 was about a million.

But, things are changing in 2022 as the artist has set up himself as a great musician. Most probably, Hooligan’s net worth next year will increase by a huge margin.

Despite being a new face in the industry, he has shown the world what he is capable of. Reportedly, he had started his professional career in 2017.

In these four years, Hefs has produced some mind-blowing masterpieces. You can find all of his songs on YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Deezer, and other musical platforms.

Thanks to his continuous hard work, he is going to become a rich man in 2022. Celebsaga predicts that he is set to have a lavish lifestyle next year.

Indeed, 2022 is going to be Hooligan’s year. His fans are super excited for his new singles and albums.

Get To Know Hooligan Hefs Age

Hooligan Hefs is 24 years of age. Reportedly, he celebrates his birthday on July 31.

Originally, he is from Doonside, New South Wales. Thus, we can confirm Hooligan’s nationality as Australian.

According to local research groups, he has Samoan and Chinese descent. But, the rapper is yet to speak about his parents in front of the mainstream media.

Learn About Hooligan Hefs Real Name

Hooligan Hefs is just a stage name. Continue reading to find out what his real name is.

According to Wikipedia, his actual name stands out to be Simeona Silapa. Indeed, there’s a great history behind why he chose ‘Hooligan Hefs’ as his pet name.

Since 2020, the singer is working with Warner Music Australia. Recently, his song, Send It! was nominated for the Song of the Year award in 2021.

Is Hooligan Hefs On Instagram?

Hooligan Hefs is a social media enthusiast. Well, he likes to update his life on the internet, as many of us do.

Yes, the musician is on Instagram. Under the username of @hooliganhefs, he has accumulated at least 229 thousand followers.

Moreover, he is active on Facebook but doesn’t use the platform much. So, we recommend you to visit his Ig to be updated about his day-to-day activities.