How Old Was Gena Tew When She Was Infected With HIV AIDS? Age Explored

Gena Tew is a well-admired social media influencer who has acquired impressive fan-following from the public domain on her social platforms in the following years. People have loved her fashion and modeling content on social media and admired her uniqueness.

Tew also worked with some Magazine as she modeled for The Cover Magazine in 2015. Further, her fans admired her few cover songs online, including the edition of Alina Baraz’s Electric and pieces by Adele.

On the other hand, her recent videos on her health update touch everyone’s hearts as she has been struggling with severe AIDS in the following months. Her poor health condition has bleed people’s hearts.

How Old Was Gena Tew? When Was She Infected With HIV AIDS?

Gena Tew was probably 17 to 19 years old when she got HIV AIDS. However, she has no idea about HIV transmission to her body as she never felt about getting infected in the past years. She has reached the age of 27 at the current date.

Gena stated she was kind of homeless and got sexually abused multiple times in the past. Further, she had random tattoos on her body as a teenager, which was a possible gateway for HIV transmission.

She had no idea about the disease before this year as the Doctor diagnosed her with HIV and AIDS after her Immune system dropped, causing her to lose 65 pounds of weight and mobility. The Doctor explained she might live for 8-10 years further.

Did Gena Tew Transmit It To Nick Cannon?

Gena Tew possibly has not transmitted HIV to Nick Cannon as they are just good friends. Further, it is not fair to prejudge as HIV does not share easily; it needs a blood transfusion.

Further, there has been no news regarding their romantic relationship in the past years. In addition, Nick and Gena never admitted to being romantically linked in the following years.

She has good relations with many social media stars, including Chris Brown, Dave East, and Chief Keef, as we should respect their connection healthily. Moreover, a person with HIV AIDS can have a good relationship with everyone without any hesitation.

Info On Gena Tew Parents & Family

Gena Tew’s parents have become one of the most concerning matters for her fans on the web, as her well-wisher is looking for her family in this critical situation. However, she has disclosed nothing about her parents and family in public.

According to her video, she stated that she was homeless as a teen. Many wonders if she was abandoned or an orphan. Nonetheless, there have been no authentic sources to verify the above assumptions on the web at the current date.

Her fans have sent her hundreds of prayers and well-wishes for her excellent health via social media. Her fans want her safe and healthy. We also prayed for her excellent health.