How Old Is Patrick Brown Wife Genevieve Gualtieri? Conservative party Of Canada Has A New Candidate

Genevieve Gualtieri is a quite young-aged wife Patrick Brown, a Canadian politician. Learn more about her.

Patrick Brown is married to Genevieve Gualtieri, a stunning woman. She is currently employed for the SickKids Foundation.

In July 2019, the couple welcomed the birth their first child, a boy, In 2021, they had their second child, a daughter.

How Old Is Patrick Brown Wife Genevieve Gualtieri?

Genevieve Gualtieri is said to be 27 years old in 2022. Her actual birthday has yet to be established.

Her ethnic group looks to be mixed, and her nationality is Canadian.

She knows very little about his parents and siblings. She is, nevertheless, the niece of Rudy Cuzzetto, a politician.

Gualtieri is a fundraiser and a social worker. According to Brown’s Wiki, she is affiliated with the SickKids Foundation.

Aside from that, there aren’t many details about her.

Genevieve Gualtieri Husband Multiple Sexual Assault Allegations Pile Up

Patrick Brown, Genevieve Gualtieri’s husband, has stepped up his campaign to defend himself against sexual misconduct allegations, challenging his accusers to go to the police with their complaints and chastising CTV News for reporting that one of the ladies quoted in the original story had modified a major component in her tale.

After severe claims of sexual misconduct from two women who talked to CTV News, he resigned as Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader.

The $8 million defamation lawsuit filed by Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown against CTV after the media outlet reported in 2018 on claims of sexual misconduct by Brown while he was a Barriearea MP has been settled.

There is little information about the settlement terms or whether Brown received any cash compensation. Still, a statement linked to CTV’s earlier reporting on the charges claims that details were “factually wrong.”

Brown has rejected all of the charges and filed his lawsuit soon after the story was initially shown on CTV.

Genevieve Gualtieri Net Worth 2022

As a social worker, Genevieve Gualtieri’s net worth is believed to be approximately $1 million.

Her net worth, though, might be $3 million in 2022 if she includes her husband’s income.

Her spouse is a politician from Canada who has been the 51st and current mayor of Brampton since 2018.

Before being elected mayor, Brown was the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario and Ontario’s Leader of the Official Opposition from 2015 to 2018.