How Old Is Angel Kake From Beyond The Pole? Age Revealed

What is the age of Angel Kake? She is a well known actor from Beyond The Pole. See if she is featured on Wikipedia and more about the actor here.

Angel is one of the famous reality TV stars who has come to the spotlight after being a cast member of “Beyond The Pole,” a television reality show.

At her starting, she used to be a dancer. She used to dance in bars and clubs since she was 18 years old.

She took a break from dancing for five years, but now she is back with a blast, and fans have been pleased with her re-entry to the business.

Angel Kake Age and Wikipedia

Angel Kake hasn’t revealed her actual age and date of birth.

Looking at her career and photos, we can say that she is in her early 30s.

She is seen to be a very trained and professional dancer, but she hasn’t been featured on the official Wikipedia page.

She is very famous among millennials, and we hope soon her official Wikipedia page will be available so that we all will be able to find more information about her.

Angel Kake Boyfriend and Past Relationships

Angel Kake hasn’t confirmed her relationship status. We don’t know if she is single or dating someone.

Looking at her posts and interviews, it seems like she is single right now, but no one can confirm it because it’s always something with celebrities.

She is boiling and attractive. We are sure many are hitting on her.

Angel Kake was in a severe past relationship as she also has a son with her. The name of babies father is not revealed yet.

His Instagram Details

Angel Kake is active on Instagram. She has her account under the name of @angelkake.

She has a total of 52k followers, and she has posted 62 posts till now.

What Is His Net Worth?

Actual numbers of Angel’s net worth are not available as she hasn’t confirmed it yet.

But according to reports, she is said to make five hundred dollars per shift.