How Old Are Carson Rowland Siblings? Pretty Little Liars – Is He Gay Or Married To Wife?

24-year-old American actor Carson Rowland has three siblings of unknown ages, one older, one twin, and one young, as he got cast in the HBO Max Series Prety Little Liars Original Sin.

With over 17 acting credits under his name, he has dipped his hand in politics, chemistry, music, and, finally, acting.

Indeed, he has a 4.0 GPA while getting his degree in Neuroscience from Florida Atlantic University.

Despite accomplishing so much in his short career, he lets life go with the flow as he has stuck a healthy balance between school and profession.

Pretty Little Liars Original Sin | How Old Are Carson Rowland’s Siblings?

American actor Carson Rowland, who got cast as Chip in the upcoming teen drama mystery, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, is one of the four children as he has an older brother, a twin sister, and a younger sister, whose ages are mysterious.

As a young child, he got attracted to theater as his parent chose to homeschool the kids, not trusting the American school system.

He knew from the getgo that music and acting were his callings as he immediately got hooked.

By eight, he began taking music more seriously as he started piano lessons, then guitar. His practice persisted even though he did not have an end goal but enjoyed his time.

Little did he know, he would gather success in each of his efforts as he is now a full-time actor for HBO Max and Netflix with his appearance in the Pretty Little Liars Original Sin.

Who Are Carson Rowland’s Parents? Meet His Family

Carson Rowland is a singer, performer, and overall artist who grew up in Boca Raton, Florida, USA, to American parents. The family supported his endeavors as they never denied his equipment and encouraged him when he was still a child.

At 16, he got the news that a popular web series, Tweet, was taking auditions as he got the part of Riley Sturgis, which came as a result of several trials with Nickelodeon.

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Then came the global series, I Am Frankie, where his portrayal of Cole Reyes gained international victory as he quickly filled up with the lead character of Bailey in Dream Killer.

His list of achievements does not stop there, as his LinkedIn stated him as an organic chemistry tutor and a political intern at the U.S. House of Representatives.

Indeed, he also got promoted to project manager at Organicide LLC for around eight months before he made his debut as a professional actor.

Is Carson Rowland Gay Or Is Married To Wife?

Carson Rowland is blissfully married to his wife, Maris Rowland, and not gay, dispelling rumors after walking down the aisle in October of last year.

Presently, they are in the newlywed phase, as he proudly shows her off.

Moreover, he had connected with his costar of Dream Killer, Taylor Castro, as they had a common love for acting and singing. Their shared interests have more than enough time to bond as they immediately hit it off and remained close friends.

Later, she called him when she wrote a song called, Don’t Know What to Say and collaborated with her former costar. The fans of their work flocked to the music video and embraced the chemistry between the two.

After working together on five songs, he went off on his own and spent some time in Miami, where he came up with the single Game.

The song was about a past relationship where he had felt trapped, realizing love was about being set free.

You can learn more about his life through his social media handle, carsonrowland, where his verified account has 210k followers.