How Much Weight Did Sarah Millican Lose? Update On Her Transformation And Diet

Sarah Millican, a renowned stand-up comedian, writer, and presenter, is the founder of the Standard Issue podcast. She is a panelist in numerous comedy shows. The comedy star authored the 2017 book, How to be Champion.

Millican is the recipient of the comedy award for Best Newcomer at the 2008 Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the BAFTA TV Award for 2013 Best Entertainment Performance. She is currently doing shows in Newcastle, Sheffield, and the UK.

Sarah Millican Weight Loss Update 2022- Before And After Pictures

46-year-old Sarah Millican has lost considerable weight in 2022. The comedian’s before and after looks shocked her audience. She has started to invest her time and efforts in her health.

Millican blamed her habit of eating whatever she wanted for her excessive weight. She used to joke about her big appetite and her love of biscuits. 

Fans have noticed that the comedian is now way slimmer. She began losing weight in 2019. As of 2022, the TV star looks healthier than ever. Currently, her body weight is approximately 68 kgs.

She lost 15-18 kg in the last three years. The writer is inspiring thousands of people to look after their bodies. She believes her weight loss has been possible due to her balanced diet. Millican occasionally uploads pictures of eating healthy fruits on her social media pages. 

What Are Sarah Millican’s Diet Plans?

Sarah Millican’s eating habits have significantly helped her lose weight and shape. What exactly does she eat regularly? Let us find out. 

Her death primarily includes fruits, chocolate brownies, ice cream, and homemade chocolate chip cookies. She eats a healthy bowl of porridge for breakfast.

Millican suggests her audience choose the right snacks, something that gives energy rather than weight. She now avoids eating biscuits, oily food, deserts, and sweet dishes. 

She has also been working out a lot. Only a balanced diet cant help our body to lose much weight. The comedian has credited her achievement to her workout and exercises routine too.

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Sarah Millican Husband And Married Life

Sarah Millican is happily married to her dear husband and fellow comedian, Gary Delaney. The couple began dating in 2006, moved together in 2013, and exchanged rings in December 2013.

Delaney is a writer for FM radion station Kerrang 105.2. He appeared in the horror-comedy movie Trash House. 

Before her relationship with Gary, she was previously married to Andrew Millican. They tied knots in 1997 and separated in 2004. They currently reside in the United States. 

Sarah does not have any children. Reports say Sarah is not a mother yet because she is not interested in having a kid; she does not like them.

Furthermore, Millican has a massive online fan following. Her Twitter handle, @SarahMillican75, has an astonishing two million+ followers. She goes by the username @thesarahmillican on Instagram. 

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