How Much Is Strictly’s Dancer Janette Manrara Worth?

Janette Manrara is expected to earn husky cash as the dancer, choreographer, and presenter. The host took over BBC wealthier television presenter Zoe Ball’s place in  Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two.

The host of Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two Manrara is a Cuban-American professional dancer from Miami, Florida, United States. The television presenter is mainly known for her presence in Strictly Come Dancing.

In June 2021, Manrara tied the knot with Slovenian dancer Alijaz Skorjanec.

Janette Manrara’s Dance Partner’s Net Worth

11th series Julien Macdonald $1 million
12th series Jake Wood $3 million per Celebritynetworth
13th series Peter Andre $20 million per Celebritynetworth
14th series DJ Melvin Odoom $4 million
15th series singer Aston Merrygold $24 million
16th series Dr. Ranj Singh $2.55 million

Strictly Dancer Janette Manrara Net Worth: How Much Professional Dancers Make?

Manrara’s net worth may range in the millions. The professional dancer started her career at a young age and contributed to the dance platform for 20 years and more. She used to perform in Musical theatre at 12.

Nonetheless, the dancer started her formal dance training at age 19 and studied dance form, including ballroom, ballet, Jazz, pointe, and hip-hop. Later, the presenter hosted Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two alongside broadcaster Ross Richard Clark.

However, her husband, Aljaž Škorjanec, may be wealthier than her. The Slovenian dancer makes around $3 million from his career as a professional.

The couple spends a luxurious lifestyle traveling through the world. Škorjanec is the wealthiest professional dancer in Slovenia. He was known as the second high-profile professional dancer who had performed in Strictly Come Dancing since 2013, when he was only 23.

Besides, Škorjanec was the previous champion and runner-up of the reality show. He had represented his nation for over a decade. He even won 19 Slovenian championships throughout his life.

Janette Manrara was the dance partner with various celebrities in a different season of Strictly Come Dancing. Her 11th series dance partner Julien Macdonald’s accumulated worth is $1 million. She partnered with actor Jake Wood in the 12th series, whose wealth is $3 million per Celebritynetworth.

In the 13th series, Manara paired with TV personality Peter Andre whose worth is around $20 million per Celebritynetworth. In the 14th series, she partnered with DJ Melvin Odoom, whose worth is $4 million.

In the 15th series, singer Aston Merrygold was the partner of the professional dancer whose worth is $24 million. She last partnered in the 16th series with Dr. Ranj Singh, whose fortune is $2.55 million.

Janette Manrara salary

Manrara and her husband Skorjanec received combined salaries from Strictly and the live tour. The couple earns around £290,000. Besides this, the couple earns extra money from various P&O Ferry cruises, which reportedly make £90,000 in 12 weeks.

According to Mirror, each dancer was paid between £35,000 to £50,000 to be part of the show. They received husky cash from their dedication and hard work. As professionals, they rehearse for more than 14 hours per day.

Even they trained the routines for their partners and practiced with them until the end of the series. Helen Skelton takes around £25,000 for her arrival on the dance floor.

Manrara even takes part in the tour visit, which earns extra income. And the money estimated for the traveling is reported to be around £35,000. The professional dancer, her spouse, Gorkha, Giovanni, and Oti, star in stage tours and productions. As a result, they offer more chances to gain money.

Gorka Marquez brings £105,000 with his income from Strictly’s salary, extra from Strictly Professionals’ live tour, and additional for his show Here Come the Boys. The professional dancer Anton Du Beke makes around £200,000.

Janette Manrara Sources Of Income

Manrara makes income from a different profession and lives a luxurious lifestyle with her wealthier husband, Aljaž Škorjanec.

Professional Dancer And Choreographer

Manrara is a professional dancer and choreographer. As a dancer, she made around £50k and additional cash from tours and P&O cruises. In 2013, the dancer first became a professional dancer in Strictly Come Dancing.

Manrara performed with designer Julien Macdonald, Jack Wood, Peter Andre, Melvin Odoom, Ricky Norwood, Joe Clarke, Aston Merrygold, and more. Later, she ended her professional dancing career in the show after her announcement as the Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two new presenter replacing Zoe Ball.

Television Presenter

The professional dancer Manrara also made some money as a television presenter. According to ZipRecruiter, the annual income of a TV presenter in the United States ranges from $34,000 to $70,000. Even they can receive the low amount of $13,500 too.

Manrara has been selected as the presenter of the BBC show Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two in 2021. According to BBC, the presenters like Gary Lineker, Zoe Ball, Ben Brown, Emma Barnett, Martha Kearney, and more gained above £150,000 at the BBC in 2020-2021.

Manrara replaced Zoe Ball in the show. As a result, the presenter may make around £150,000 from the BBC show.