How Much Is Jeff Foxworthy, The American Comedian Worth Now?

Jeff Foxworthy is undoubtedly one of the accomplished comedians in the United States. Although his name is not among the top ten richest US comedians, Jeff Foxworthy’s net worth is quite staggering. The eminent comic artist has thrived in a plethora of careers for which he has successfully carved a niche for himself in all. Through his works as an actor, Foxworthy has been a recipient of many awards and nominations. He has also penned down books of which he has sold millions of copies. Having worked as a TV and radio personality, alongside his lucrative endorsement deals and promotional works, Jeff Foxworthy’s net worth has been on the increase. Discover more about the worth of the American comedian below.

How Much is Jeff Foxworthy Worth Now?

The award-winning actor who began his career as a comic artist in 1982 has constantly encountered incredible success in his diverse career fields after he was shot to fame as the winner of the Southeastern Laugh-Off held at Atlanta’s Punchline comedy club in the year 1985. Currently, Jeff Foxworthy’s net worth has been estimated at $100 million, thanks to the successful creative works he has carried out over the years. It might interest you to know that Foxworthy didn’t only accrue this massive sum through his endeavors as a comedian. Even though the average salary of a comic artist per annum is reported to be $30,000, he has also amassed huge earnings from other works of life.

There is no doubt that Jeff Foxworthy is not just an ordinary comedian, having established himself in the field as one of the most sought after comic artists. As a result, he reportedly earns $250,000 for his performance per night and has equally garnered more than $5 million per year. He has also released several comedy albums through which he has earned massive income. One of his albums titled, You Might Be a Redneck If…, which was released in 1993, earned him $3.1 million as he sold more than three million copies.

In 1995, Jeff Foxworthy’s net worth was also inflated through the sales of Games Rednecks Play, another album which gained him a nomination for the Grammy Awards. Through the sales of the aforementioned album, the skilled writer amassed $3 million. Jeff Foxworthy then went on to release his third comedy album titled, Crank It Up which had a sale proceed of about $1 million. He additionally realized $500,000 from Totally Committed released in 1998 and $150,000 from his 1999 album titled Greatest Bits.

Following his works on the television, Jeff Foxworthy’s net worth was also been boosted as he reportedly made the sum of $32,500 per episode of The Jeff Foxworthy Show, a sitcom created out of his stand-up comedy persona that aired on ABC in 1995 and was canceled after one season. Additionally, the adroit actor was paid $150,000 per episode of the quiz game show, Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? which he hosted from 2007 through 2008 and then the syndicated version from 2009 until it was canceled in 2011. The show was again renewed for a fourth season by Fox in May 2015 with Foxworthy also serving as the host. However, in June 2019, the program was revived on Nickelodeon with John Cena serving as the new host.

Jeff Foxworthy has further boosted his finances through his acting works, having done voice work in movies like Scruff, Racing Stripes, The Fox and the Hound 2, The Aviators, The Smurfs, Bunyan and Babe and others. Surprisingly, most of these movies attained high theatrical performances as Racing Stripes which was produced on a $30 million budget earned $90.8 million at the box office. In the same vein, The Smurfs has a box office collection of about $563.7 million off a production budget of $110 million.

Additionally, Jeff Foxworthy’s net worth has also been increased through his endeavors as a writer. He reportedly earned an average income that is between $30,000 and $83,000 per year from penning down more than 26 books which include his autobiography – No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem!, The Redneck Grill, How to Really Stink at Golf, Dirt on My Shirt, Silly Street, Hide, Rednecks in College and many more.

Foxworthy has also written the scripts of several TV series and documentaries such as Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One for the Road, The Idiots Whirled Tour, Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie, Blue Collar TV and many others. The accomplished TV figure also owns a 40,000 acres property, 1000 acres property in Georgia as well as 3,000 acres property situated in Harris County. From all his creative works, it’s no surprise that Jeff Foxworthy is regarded as one of the wealthiest comedians in the United States.