Who Are Pablo Schreiber Kids Tell Schreiber And Lorraine Reaveley?

Pablo Schreiber was born to a Canadian-American family, and his dad is Tell Carroll Schreiber, while his mom is Lorraine Reaveley.

His American dad was a performer, and Liev Schreiber, his half-brother, is an actor and the kid of their father’s first wife, who left him five years before Pablo was born.

Pablo’s mom is a body-based psychotherapist in Canada.

He was named after Chilean poet Pablo Neruda by Schreiber’s father, who had a keen interest in literature. The actor’s parents split when he was 12, and Schreiber went to Seattle, Washington, with his dad.

Learn More About Pablo Schreiber Wife

The former wife of the actor Pablo Schreiber is Jessica Monty. She is a fitness trainer and a skilled cook from the United States. Her romance with Schreiber catapulted her into the spotlight.

The couple decided to divorce in 2014, and the formal divorce process was completed in 2015. Jessica was granted full legal custody of her children, while Pablo was granted visitation rights.

Meanwhile, Pablo spotted Karina Smirnoff, a famous dancer, shortly after his separation from Jessica.

Pablo Schreiber Kids Details

Timoteo Schreiber and Dante Schreiber are the two sons of the Canadian actor, Pablo Schreiber.

Everyone knows how ferocious Pablo’s roles in movies and TV shows are, but did you realize he’s just as tough in real life? He enjoys activities such as surfing, mountain climbing, and many more.

In reality, Pablo Schreiber’s sons also participate in adventurous activities with their father. On a beautiful day, the three enjoy adventure sports and surfing.

Besides that, we don’t have many details about them right now.

How Much Is Pablo Schreiber Net Worth?

The details about Pablo Schreiber are not revealed. However, we assume it might be around $10 million.

In season 2 of HBO’s highly lauded series The Wire, Schreiber played Nick Sobotka. He also acted in The Manchurian Candidate, Lords of Dogtown, and Happythankyoumoreplease, among other films.

In 2011, Schreiber appeared in Second Stage Theatre’s Off-Broadway production of Gruesome Playground Injuries. He played Demetri Ravitch, Nancy Botwin’s drug supplier, in the seventh season of Weeds.

He was shortlisted for a Tony Award for his performance in Awake and Sing! He also played one of the protagonists in Den of Thieves and voiced the audiobook edition of Brett Easton Ellis’ American Psycho.

On BuddyTV’s list of TV’s Sexiest Men of 2011, he was on number 77.