How Many Kids Does Lauren Newton Have? Bert Newton Daughter 

Lauren Newton has a total of six children from her husband. 

Lauren was among the two children of Bert Newton. Bert has one son named Matthew and Lauren. 

Matthew Newton is an Australian actor who has appeared in several films and television dramas.

Talking about Lauren’s children, all of them seems to be very young and none have crossed the 18 years of age.

Lauren and Matt have Sam, 12, daughters Eva, 10, and Lola, 7, son Monty, 3, daughter Perla, 2, and a new son Alby.

Baby Alby surprised his parents by arriving seven weeks early last August.

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Lauren, 40, took to Instagram to share a photo of her husband Matt in his surgical mask holding their precious newborn baby boy and also revealed his name.

Alby stayed in the hospital for several weeks due to his early arrival, but he was able to return home safely in September.

Lauren Newton may not be as well-known as her famous parents, Patti and Bert Newton, but she does have a picture-perfect family.

Who Is Lauren Newton Husband? Her Wedding Explored

Lauren Newton is married to her husband Matt Welsh who is an Olympian and former world champion. 

Matthew James Welsh is a former world backstroke and butterfly champion from Australia.

On November 4, 2006, Welsh married Lauren Newton, the daughter of Bert and Patti Newton. 

Their marriage was a private one, and not many people were invited to the wedding.

During the World Championships in Shanghai in 2006, he won two gold medals in the 50-meter butterfly and 50-meter backstroke in one hour.

Welsh retired from professional swimming in March 2008 after failing to make the Olympic team for Beijing.

Lauren Newton Family Detials

Lauren Newton now has a perfect family with her six children and her loving husband. 

She is also in a very good relationship with her mother and brother. 

Sadly due to the demise of her father, Lauren is now in a state of grief. 

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The two children of Bert, Matthew, and Lauren have shown their gratitude to their father and have shared their love for their father. 

Lauren Newton paid a moving tribute to her father, Bert Newton, at his state funeral at Melbourne’s St Patrick’s Cathedral.

Bert Newton’s two children have written heartfelt letters to their father, sharing special moments and memories from their childhood.

The family has come much more closer and is very supportive of each other during this time. 

What Is Lauren Newton Net Worth?

Lauren Newton’s net worth is expected to be in millions of dollars. 

Although the exact net worth of Lauren is not yet been found, she is expected to have shared her net worth with her husband. 

Even her father might have left something for her daughter and her husband too. 

Though it is known that Lauren is not a celebrity and might have some different sources of earnings. 

She is although a millionaire with her husband, so she is a rich woman.