How Do Kelly Mi Li and Simu Liu Know Each Other? Her Net Worth & Family

Kelly Mi Li has a high profile friendship with one of the Marvel actors, Simu Liu.

She has one of the most significant plotlines in the first season of the popular Netflix reality series Bling Empire, which depicts the opulent lifestyles of wealthy Asian-American elites in Los Angeles.

On January 15, 2022, Bling Empire released its debut season. The second season of Bling Empire, which included sixteen episodes with the same eleven Asian and Asian Americans as cast members, was released on May 13, 2022.

After Kelly’s co-stars and the show’s fans at home got concerned about their dynamic with Andrew, and his behavior toward her, Kelly’s relationship with ex-boyfriend Andrew Gray became a focal point in the show.

Quick Facts About Kelly Mi Li

Full Name Kelly Mi Li
Profession Entrepreneur and Producer
Known For Bling Empire
Birth Date November 13, 1985
Age 36 years old
Birth Place Kunming, China
Nationality Chinese
Marital Status Divorced
Ex-husband Lin Miao
Ex-boyfriend Andrew Gray
Zodaic Sign Scorpio
Net Worth $5 million

How Do Kelly Mi Li and Simu Liu Know Each Other?

Simu Liu and Kelly Mi Li are good friends, although some are curious about their relationship. Actress Jade Bender was his most recent alleged love interest.

However, Simu is now going through a split; thus, it makes sense for admirers to associate him with other women. This is why he is currently associated with Kelly.

In actuality, they have no relationships beyond friendships with one another. Kelly is similarly preoccupied with her profession and hasn’t been associated with anyone since she broke up with Andrew.

Liu dispelled earlier this year’s rumors that he was dating Chrishell Stause, an Australian singer who was dating G Flip, on Watch What Happens Live in February.

A viewer called the reality star’s “After Show” during the broadcast to inquire if she had ever developed a romantic connection with Liu before or after helping him buy his most recent home on season four of Selling Sunset.

Kelly Mi Li Net Worth

Net Worth: $5 million

Kelly’s net worth has reportedly been estimated at $5 million by Blurred Reality.

Kelly is one of four “self-made” characters in the show. She currently works as an executive for a media and production company in Los Angeles and is a partner at Greyscale Lab.

She was formerly a managing partner at the talent agency East West Artists. She is also a co-founder of the Organic Media Group business. She most recently established Wet Paws Media, a media and production company.

The actress relocated to Los Angeles and worked in the food and beverage business in addition to real estate development. She subsequently made a career in technology and invested in several IT businesses, including, Nature Box, and MeUndies.

She Has Produced Movies

Never one to rest on her laurels, Mi Li co-founded Organic Media Group (OMG) in 2018 and currently works as a producer for both television and movies. Mi Li has credit on her IMDb page for her work as a producer on Patrick Schwarzenegger’s action movie Echo Boomers.

The heist thriller, released in November 2020, centers on a gang of disillusioned anti-hero millennial protagonists and offers a pertinent social commentary on the sizable number of young people without jobs in the US.

Kelly has also worked as a producer for some movies and TV shows, such as “The Swing Things,” “Spilt Milk,” “AMP House,” “Ice Moon Rising,” “Interface,” and many others.

She is an experienced businesswoman

In addition to being an early investor in significant tech start-ups, including, Me Undies, and Nature Box, Mi Li built one of the first profitable start-up incubators in Los Angeles in 2012.

Mi Li was a pioneer in the music business as an East-West Artists talent manager, representing and bridging Asian and American artists. She even founded a retail company that produces personal protective equipment (PPE) for the pandemic in 2015.

Kelly knows how to spend the riches she accumulated from her business and other activities. Mi Li is a frequent Instagram user, with almost 404k followers. And from her social media activity, anyone can tell right once that Mi Li enjoys traveling. Mi Li, a self-described travel addict, has a pre-pandemic feed that resembles a travel guide more than anything.

The seasoned businesswoman enjoys opulent vacations in Vietnam, China, and Singapore and has even been seen at the St. Regis Hong Kong. For the LA-based entrepreneur, a private jet is all it takes to make quick journeys across America or to places like the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, and Mexico.


Mi Li fights for underprivileged kids in terms of more formal charitable activities. 2013 saw the appointment of Mi Li as the first (and only) worldwide ambassador for Prince Harry’s nonprofit organization, WellChild.

She also participates actively in Pencils of Promise. This nonprofit organization constructs schools in underdeveloped nations. She serves on the advisory board for UNICEF’s Chinese Children Initiative, a project establishing kid-friendly facilities in some of China’s poorest provinces.

Mi Li frequently utilizes her internet platform to promote animal adoption. She is the proud dog mommy to two rescue dogs named Sophia and Kilo.

Kelly Mi Li Was Left With Nothing When She Got Divorced

Kelly’s relationship with Andrew Gray is well known to viewers of Bling Empire, although some viewers might not be aware that Kelly has previously been married. She married her ex-husband, Lin Miao, when they were both in their early 20s, but their marriage failed for many reasons.

After three years of dating, the couple got hitched. The fairytale, however, didn’t last long because Lin was detained for operating one of the biggest computer frauds in American history.

Lin and his accomplices charged text message services on customers’ bills without their consent through a multi-million dollar scheme.

The Sun claims that Lin entered a guilty plea and was granted a supervised release in exchange for his assistance to the police. Kelly and her ex-husband had already split up and were residing in separate homes when she learned of his legal issues.

Kelly started the divorce process in November 2014 and it was concluded the following year. Kelly claims that the couple’s assets were frozen and that they donated about $168 million to the government. Kelly was consequently left with almost nothing.

Kelly’s Parents Are Doctorsly

Mi Li was born in Kunming, China, but she went to Chicago after her mother obtained employment there. Due to a lack of a job, her physician father ultimately had to return to China.

Mi Li was thus raised by her mother, an American single mother trying to give her daughter a better life.

Kelly spent around ten years of her life in China before moving to the Chicago region with her family, even though she has spent most of her life in the United States. Kelly is highly pleased with the communities and settings that have contributed to making her the person she is today.

Mi Li entered the workforce at an early age and hasn’t stopped since. When she was 18 and residing in New York, she began her first job in the life insurance industry.

Some viewers have been curious about Kelly’s family and have wanted to know if she has any brothers or sisters. Kelly revealed in a Q&A on her Instagram page that she has no siblings. China’s one-child rule was in effect when she was born. Therefore her parents were not permitted to have any more kids.

Who Is Kelly Mi Li Boyfriend?

The Bling Empire cast member was dating Andrew Gray. Because of how she was handled by actor Andrew Gray, formerly known for playing the Red Power Ranger, in Season 1, their romantic dynamic was immensely unpopular with the show’s viewers.

After Andrew contacts Kelly while she is shopping in Paris with Anna and yells at her on the phone for leaving him behind at the hotel while he is asleep, the couple gets into a heated dispute.

The two attempt to resolve their problems by attending the couple’s counseling throughout the first season but ultimately decide to part ways. They appeared to get closer again at the end of the season, taped in 2019, but they formally broke up in March 2021.

We are thrilled for Kelly because it appears she is putting herself first and working to break the cycle of toxic relationships in season 2 of Bling Empire.

Some FAQs

Are Kelli and Andrew still together?

They have already parted their ways in March 2021.

Who was Kelly Mi Li husband?

Lin Miao, the founder and CEO of a messaging company, was Kelly Mi Li’s husband.

Why is Kelly Mi Li rich?

She is an entrepreneur who once built a private club in Jim Morrison’s former Los Angeles apartment and is said to have invested in over 20 enterprises.

What does Kelly Mi Li do for work?

She currently works as an executive for a media and production company in Los Angeles and is a partner at Greyscale Lab.