Wendy Moten Broken Arms From Fall On TV – What Happened?

Wendy Moten has reached the finale of The Voice and was seen having broken arms as she was wearing casts in both hands while performing in the show.

In The Voice’s elimination, she had a fall and, she told everyone that she was ok. But after the fall, when she came for her performance, she had a cast for both of her hands.

When she fell in the show, she was rushed to the hospital. During the treatment, X-rays showed what damages were done on her by the fall. She had a broken elbow in the right arm while has a fractured hand at the wrist for the left arm. 

With the injury, she performed the Dolly Paton’s Song Jolene and, her coach Blake Shelton appraised her for her performance and said that she is an example of strength, perseverance, and fearlessness standing on the stage.

How Did Wendy Moten Get Hurt On The Voice?

Wendy Moten was hurt on The Voice when she fell hard. During the fall she dislocated her right elbow two times while her left hand got fractured. 

Wendy was happy as she was among the Top 5 contestants who were going for the finale. She also told, Parade.com that If she can come back on stage with broken arms, whatever happens, is icing on the cake for her and, she is thankful for being on the show for this long.

She is a renowned singer as he was able to perform in Grand Ole Opry and, she says that this was a dream come true to her through her Instagram post.

Wendy Moten Current Health And Injury Update

Wendy Moten just got broken arms and fractured wrist due to the fall and is healing from it. She is excited about the finals, and many people are saying that she might be the winner of the show. 

She and Paris Winningham are the contestants from the Blake team who are going to the finals. She expresses that her journey in the Voice was great through one of her posts.

Wendy is active on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She has 13k followers on Facebook and has 5.4 k followers on Twitter. In the case of Instagram, she has about 50.7k followers.