How Did Michael Bisping Injure His Eye And When? Fight With Glass Eye And Story

How Did Michael Bisping Injure His Eye? Fans are stunned after they know that the MMA star is using a fake glass eye. Read the article below to get all the answers to the legendary UFC fighter.

Micheal Bisping is the future hall of fame UFC athlete. Presently, the retired athlete is enjoying his time outside the octagon on the commentary panel. He has joined hands with the UFC as an analyst.

The pound-to-pound fighter competed in the Middleweight and Light Heavyweight divisions of the UFC. He finished his fabulous career with 30 wins and nine losses.

How Did Michael Bisping Injure His Eye & When? Details On The Incident Of The Athlete

Micheal Bisping has been trending on the media after his eye injury. The athlete had a serious accident during his fight against Vitor Belfort in the UFC.

Micheal suffered from a retinal detachment in his right eye owing to a head kick from Belfort. The fight could have earned him a potential title shot against then-champion Anderson Silva.

However, Micheal was struck with the head kick in round two of the fight. The devastating kick was followed by some nasty punches, making the referee stop the fight at 1 minute 27 seconds.

The kick from Belfort is what detached Bisping’s retina, and also, the following punches added fuel to the fire. Eventually, the athlete lost his vision in the right eye.

Michael Bisping Fighting With The Glass Eye At The End Of His Career

After the Vitor Belfort bout, Micheal came in the octagon 11 more times with the eye injury. The athlete even conquested the Middleweight Championship with a single-eye vision.

He filled the void of his missing eye with a glass piece and continued his fighting. The athlete has shared his experience on the Joe Rogan Podcast.

He clarified that his tough upbringing as a child was the biggest motivation boost to continue his career upfront. He has achieved prestigious achievements as an athlete and analyst.

Meet Michael Bisping’s Wife: A Look At His Married Life

The famous athlete has showered all the love from his heart to his wife, Rebecca Bisping. The couple shares a lovely PDA moment before Bisping’s UFC fights every backstage.

Rebecca is Australian, and both couples met each other at Machester. Micheal and his wife Rebecca shared vows in an intimate ceremony with the presence of close friends and family.

The partners are blessed with three children and reside in Orange County, California. Rebecca has been a constant support to Micheal thought his fighting career.

After his retirement, the family re enjoying quality time with each other.